Applications Of Storage Bin Rack

Storage bin racks are lightweight racks that are used very commonly in warehouses and stores that need to store small items. Are storage bin racks good to use? What are storage bin racks used for? To answer those questions, let's learn about the characteristics and applications of storage bin racks in storing goods!

Features of storage bin racks

  •  Light load: the door size of each plastic bin on the rack is quite small, so the load of the whole level of the storage bin racks will normally be 200kg/level.
  •  Space saving: the size of the entire rack frame is quite compact, so it will be suitable for all spaces from large warehouses to small shops and households.

Storage bin rack with compact size on requestStorage bin rack with compact size on request

  •  Organize goods in a scientific way: there are many separate plastic bin on the racks, this helps users to arrange items more neatly, easy to find and easy to get.
  •  Flexibility: the storage bin rack has a fairly simple structure, so the installation and dismantling is very simple and quick. This rack has wheels so it can be easily moved to any position you want.
  •  Easy to clean: the plastic bins are hung on the mount, without screws or fixed welding, allowing users to remove, change the position of the plastic bin, easy to clean or store.
  •  Storage needs: plastic storage bin racks are used to store goods of small to very small sizes, discrete such as bolts, screws, pharmaceuticals, loose parts of products, ...

Storage bin racks store small, discrete itemsStorage bin racks store small, discrete items

Application of storage bin racks

Storage bin racks are used in warehouses of many industries such as electronics, mechanics, assembly, medical, manufacturing facilities, automobiles, motorbikes, offices, ... especially specialized in storing bolts, screws and repair parts.
Plastic bin racks are very popular in car garages and motorbike repair shops.

Plastic bin racks for mechanical toolsPlastic bin racks for mechanical tools

Storage bin rack for car repair tools
Storage bin rack for car repair tools

Storage bin rack for screws
Storage bin rack for screws

Storage bin rack for electronic components
Storage bin rack for electronic components

Storage bin rack for pharmaceuticals
Storage bin rack for pharmaceuticals

Medical storage bin rack
Medical storage bin rack

Reasons to choose storage bin racks

  •  Storage bin racks help control goods and items easier, follow the 5s rule.
  •  Save time on installation, disassembly, storage and cleaning.
  •  High quality plastic material, compact but very durable. The damaged plastic box can still be replaced quickly with a new one at a low cost.
  •  The rack frame is made of SS400 steel and high quality powder coated, so the life of the rack frame will normally be over 10 years if used and maintained properly.
  •  The low cost of storage bin rack should meet the budgets of small and medium-sized private businesses, small shops and households.

Reasons to choose storage bin racks

In fact, there will be many other fields and other needs that can use storage bin racks. If you still have questions about it, please contact us or refer to the price list of storage bin racks if you want. Au Viet Rack is always ready to serve you!

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