Affordable Fabric Racking - Popular Types Of Fabric Storage Racking Today

 The textile industry is rapidly expanding with the growth of factories and manufacturing enterprises. As the demand for storage space continues to rise, investing in a fabric racking system becomes a necessary task for businesses to efficiently organize and manage goods. 

So, what benefits do fabric racking offer that make them popular among many enterprises? Let's explore and consider some commonly used fabric storage racking models with Au Viet Rack. This will help you choose the suitable racking type for your warehouse.

Fabric roll rackingFabric roll racking

Why invest in Fabric racking?

How to ensure goods are always neat and in the best condition? Investing in storage racking is a necessary task in every warehouse, depending on factors such as the type of goods, the weight of the goods, and the characteristics of the warehouse to choose suitable types of rack.

In the textile industry, fabric racking is the optimal storage solution that every warehouse should use. Here are the benefits that fabric racking bring to businesses:

  •  Space optimization: Fabric racking not only help businesses organize and arrange goods scientifically but also optimize storage space in the warehouse.
  •  Better fabric preservation: Improperly stored fabric rolls are prone to wrinkles, deformation, or mold. Therefore, when stored on racks systematically, it ensures ventilation, avoiding the risk of affecting the quality and causing damage to the goods.
  •  Easy goods management: The fabric racking system facilitates the quick tracking and control of incoming and outgoing goods in the warehouse. Efficient warehouse management is one of the factors that enhance the business's productivity.
  •  Time and effort savings, increased operational productivity: Neatly arranged fabric rolls on the racks can be easily searched and retrieved without consuming too much time and effort. As a result, the operational productivity of employees will also increase accordingly.

Selective racking is used to store fabric rolls in the warehouseSelective racking is used to store fabric rolls in the warehouse

Types of fabric racking commonly used today

Fabric rolls in warehouses often weigh quite heavily, ranging from 1000-1200 kg, requiring the investment in heavy-duty storage racking such as Selective racking, Drive-in racking, etc. However, some fabric warehouses may only need to store around 100 kg or use shelves for product display. In such cases, light-duty rack like Medium duty racking, V-hole shelf can effectively meet the requirements.

Depending on the load capacity, usage purposes, quantity of goods, or warehouse space, businesses can choose the appropriate type of steel racks for fabric.

V-hole shelf

This type of shelving can accommodate goods with a load capacity ranging from 70-100 kg per level. Due to its compact size, it is often used in small textile warehouses or for product display in stores, fabric stalls in markets, and supermarkets.

Medium duty rack

The use of medium-duty racks for fabric is becoming increasingly popular.The use of medium-duty racks for fabric is becoming increasingly popular

Medium duty rack has an average load capacity ranging from 100 - 700 kg per level, offering greater storage capacity than V-hole shelf. Despite its larger storage capacity, the rack size is not excessively large, and it is easy to adjust and move, making it widely applicable, especially in medium and small-scale warehouses.

Medium duty rack is manufactured from high-strength steel materials, with the shelf surface made of steel plates, plywood, or mesh panels to directly accommodate various fabrics. It can be accessed manually or with the assistance of a ladder or forklift for convenient retrieval of items from elevated positions.

Heavy-duty fabric racking

In large-scale textile enterprises with extensive warehouses where goods may weigh several tons per pallet, only heavy-duty racking can meet the requirements for safely storing such heavy loads.

Various types of heavy-duty fabric racking, such as Selective racking, Double deep racking, Drive-in racking, VNA racking, etc., have load-bearing capacities ranging from 500 - 2000 kg/pallet. The choice of the most suitable type of racking depends on the business owner's requirements and the characteristics of each warehouse type.

  •  Selective racking for fabric storage

Selective racking is widely used in warehouses with diverse types of goods and requires fast loading and unloading speeds. The advantage of this type of racking is its 100% selectivity, easy access for forklifts to retrieve items, optimizing the flow of goods, and accommodating various types of items with different sizes and codes.

  •  Drive-in racking

Drive-in fabric storage racking is suitable for warehouses with large quantities of goodsDrive-in fabric storage racking is suitable for warehouses with large quantities of goods

Drive-in racking system is designed for warehouses with high storage density, holding large quantities of homogeneous goods for extended periods.

Utilizing Drive-in racking for fabric storage optimizes warehouse space by up to 70% through a design that minimizes forklift aisleways between racking rows. However, this type of racking has limited accessibility, as forklifts need to penetrate deep inside to retrieve items. Therefore, it is suitable for warehouses storing a single type of fabric or those with few product classifications.

  •  Cantilever rack

Cantilever rack is a suitable choice for warehouses storing large rolls or sheets of fabric with substantial dimensions and weight. This racking type provides 100% accessibility with a specialized structure to prevent forklift obstructions during loading and unloading.

How to efficiently choose fabric storage racks?

Efficient fabric storage rack selection depends on various factors such as available storage space, fabric arrangement, and preservation. The following considerations will help businesses choose fabric storage racks effectively:

  •  Based on product characteristics and classification

For warehouses storing a single fabric type with high storage density, Drive-in racking is the most suitable choice.

For warehouses with diverse goods, demanding flexibility and continuous loading and unloading, priority should be given to racks like Selective racking, VNA racking, and Cantilever racking.

  •  Choose an appropriate racking layout

The arrangement and layout of fabric storage racks should be optimized for warehouse space, ensuring more effective storage without causing hindrances and facilitating convenient warehouse operations.

  •  Select racks with suitable load capacity

Consider the weight of the fabric rolls to choose a racking system that meets the storage requirements. For goods weighing 700 kg or less, V-hole Shelf or Medium duty racking is cost-effective. For large items or fabric rolls weighing over 700 kg, heavy-duty racks are a good choice to ensure safety and efficiency in storage.

Light-duty fabric racksLight-duty fabric racks

  •  What is the budget for investing in a racking system?

The cost of each type of racking varies depending on structural characteristics, dimensions, and load capacity. Determining the budget for investing in a fabric storage racking system will help businesses choose the type of racking that aligns with their financial situation.

Where to buy quality fabric racks. Get a quote for steel racks for fabric

Currently, there are numerous suppliers offering fabric roll racks in the market. However, before making a choice, customers should pay attention to factors such as the brand's credibility, cost, product quality, warranty policies, delivery times, and available support services.

Au Viet Rack is a specialized manufacturer of various types of warehouse racks and iron pallets with extensive experience in executing numerous projects for partners both domestically and internationally. Fabric storage racks at Au Viet Rack are produced to international standards, with strict control from material selection to installation, ensuring the delivery of the highest quality products to customers.

At Au Viet Rack, you will receive advice on the most optimal storage solutions for their warehouses. The advantage of being a direct manufacturer and installer without intermediaries ensures that the prices of various types of storage racks at Au Viet Rack are always reasonable and suitable for every business.

The installation cost of fabric racks also depends on the load capacity, size, and structure. To accurately determine the cost of fabric storage racks, you are encouraged to contact us directly to receive a customized shelf design for their warehouse along with a detailed price quote.

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Some fabric roll racking projects completed by Au Viet Rack

Below are some images of fabric roll racking projects that Au Viet Rack has successfully implemented:

The fabric racking models that Au Viet Rack has implementedThe fabric racking models that Au Viet Rack has implemented

Medium-duty racks remains the top choice for many businesses when it comes to fabric storage needs
Medium-duty racks remains the top choice for many businesses when it comes to fabric storage needs

The Selective racking system for fabric ensures continuous operational efficiency in the warehouse
The Selective racking system for fabric ensures continuous operational efficiency in the warehouse

The fabric racks not only aid in storage but also contribute to more effective organization and management of goods. If you have any inquiries or need assistance with product consultation and installation, please contact us immediately for prompt support.

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