How Much Does Radio Shuttle Racking Investment Cost?

Radio Shuttle Racking is an semi-automated storage system designed to store a large quantity of goods in a warehouse. It operates by using robots attached to the racks to handle the movement of goods.

Using Radio Shuttle Racking helps optimize space and facilitates convenient arrangement and storage of goods. However, due to the use of robot-assisted operations (Pallet Shuttle), Radio Shuttle Racking often comes with a relatively high price. So, how much does it cost to invest in Radio Shuttle Racking? Let's explore the price list for Radio Shuttle Racking in the following article.

What is Radio Shuttle RackingWhat is Radio Shuttle Racking?

What is Radio Shuttle Racking?

Radio Shuttle Racking is an semi-automated storage system that is designed similarly to Drive-In racking. It consists of multiple lines of interconnected racks without aisles for forklifts, maximizing storage capacity.

Unlike Drive-In racking, where forklifts have to enter deep into the racking system for goods retrieval and storage, Radio Shuttle Racking is equipped with an automated Pallet Shuttle Robot. This robot efficiently moves goods in and out using remote control, allowing smooth and effortless operations.

Applications of Radio Shuttle Racking

Applications of Radio Shuttle RackingApplications of Radio Shuttle Racking

Thanks to its automatic operation, the Radio Shuttle racking system enables accelerated goods handling processes, significantly saving labor costs and efforts, thereby optimizing the operational expenses of businesses.

The Radio Shuttle racking system can be applied across various industries and sectors, such as:

  •  Warehouses in supermarkets.
  •  Warehouses in factories, plants, and industrial parks.
  •  Food and beverage warehouses.
  •  Cold storage facilities, freezer warehouses, chemical warehouses, automobile warehouses, and electronic component warehouses.

How Much Does It Cost To Install Radio Shuttle Racking?

The Radio Shuttle racking is designed according to customer requirements as well as the characteristics of the warehouse. The factors that determine the cost of the racking include load capacity, size, paint material, etc., which are often not fixed. Therefore, you need to contact directly with manufacturing and installation units for more details.

Below is the price list of Au Viet Rack's Radio Shuttle racking for you to refer:

The price list of Radio Shuttle Racking A The price list of Radio Shuttle Racking A - Au Viet Rack

The price list of Radio Shuttle Racking B
The price list of Radio Shuttle Racking B - Au Viet Rack

The price list of Radio Shuttle Racking C
The price list of Radio Shuttle Racking C - Au Viet Rack

The price list of Radio Shuttle Racking D
The price list of Radio Shuttle Racking D - Au Viet Rack

(The cost includes delivery and instruction fees in Ho Chi Minh City. VAT is not included.

(*) Note: The cost is only for reference and includes some commonly used models of Radio Shuttle Racking. The cost may vary depending on actual conditions and customer requirements.

To receive accurate consultation and pricing for your warehouse, please contact us for the fastest support.

Factors influencing the investment cost of Radio Shuttle racking system

The investment cost of Radio Shuttle Racking systemThe investment cost of Radio Shuttle Racking system

Radio Shuttle racking system is a modern, fast-operating system that requires minimal effort. Therefore, when investing in this type of racking system, business owners should consider the following factors:

  •  Material Costs

The cost of materials is influenced by the choice of premium-grade steel or cheaper steel. While high-quality materials may have a higher price, opting for cheaper materials may compromise the quality and safety of the racking system during usage.

The load-bearing capacity of the racking system also affects material costs. Higher load-bearing capacity requires a sturdy structure and thicker steel materials to accommodate heavy loads, leading to increased costs.

Additionally, material costs may vary over time, resulting in corresponding changes in the investment cost of the Radio Shuttle racking system.

  •  Scale and Size of the Radio Shuttle System

The scale of the Radio Shuttle racking depends on the warehouse area and the storage requirements of the business. Larger-sized racking systems incur higher investment costs. Therefore, accurate measurement and calculation of the length and width of the racking system are crucial to avoid excess or insufficient space, optimizing the investment cost for the business.

Radio Shuttle Racking systemRadio Shuttle Racking system

  •  Surface Treatment Method

There are various surface treatment methods, with the most common being electrostatic powder coating and galvanization. These methods differ in terms of durability and aesthetic appeal, leading to cost variations.

Moreover, businesses can choose the hot-dip galvanization method for comprehensive protection of the racking system. Although hot-dip galvanization has relatively higher costs, it provides optimal protection and excellent corrosion resistance for the Radio Shuttle racking system.

Where to buy quality Radio Shuttle Racking?

Currently, there are many units supplying Radio Shuttle racking with different prices. Customers need to choose a reputable unit to be provided with quality and safe products.

Au Viet Rack is a business specializing in manufacturing and installing various types of warehouse racking, iron pallets, mezzanine floor for storing goods,…and has many years of experience in implementing projects of all sizes.

At Au Viet Rack, we operate with the motto of bringing the best satisfaction to customers. All products of Au Viet Rack are manufactured from quality materials, providing optimal storage solutions that are safe for customers.

If you need advice on warehouse storage products, please contact us immediately for support.

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