How To Install Storage Bin Racks - How To Use Storage Bin Racks

Storage bin racks are the preferred type of lightweight storage racks for storing components, repair tools or pharmaceuticals in warehouses, shops, repair stations or households. Although easy to use, after buying the rack, you should also note a few things when using the storage bin rack and how to install the storage bin rack. Let's find out with Au Viet Rack right in the following article!

Structure of storage bin rack

Before going into the installation of the rack, Au Viet Rack would like to show you the parts of the storage bin rack. Storage bin rack has a very simple structure, consisting of only 4 parts:

  •  Standing frame bar and bottom frame bar: act as the main bearing frame of the rack.
  •  Support bars: keep the plastic boxes fixed at the floors.
  •  Plastic bin/box: is the part that stores goods directly on the rack.

Structure of storage bin rackStructure of storage bin rack

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Steps to install storage bin racks and notes

Steps to install storage bin racks

  •  Step 1: The supplier gathers goods (storage bin rack parts) in the right place specified by the business. It is necessary to erect a roof to cover the rain and sun if the cargo gathering area is outdoors.
  •  Step 2: Transfer the goods to the location to be installed by hand forklift or by hand.

Steps to install storage bin racksMove the storage bin rack parts to the position where they need to be installed

  •  Step 3: Measure the installation layout exactly as in the agreed drawing.
  •  Step 4: Assemble the standing frame bar, the bottom frame bar and the support bars together.

how to install storage bin racksAssemble the rack parts together

  •  Step 5: Tighten the link bolts at the joints of the rack.
  •  Step 6: Arrange the racks in the required position.

how to install storage bin racksArrange the storage bin rack in the required position

  •  Step 7: Put the plastic bins (plastic boxes) on the rack as the design drawings.
  •  Step 8: Clean the installation area and wipe the dust on the rack if any.

how to install storage bin racksClean up after installation is complete

  •  Step 9: Proceed to hand over the storage bin rack to the customer for inspection and load testing. If there is a problem with the installation error or the product quality is not satisfactory, the customer can ask the supplier to fix it immediately.

Notes on installation

The plastic bins need to be of the same size, if customers want it to be different, they must tell the supplier in advance to draw up the rack drawing with the size of the floors to be allocated more reasonably according to the needs.
Do not use other foreign parts to mount the rack. If part replacement or additional installation is desired, consult the rack supplier.

Notes on installation of storage bin rackThe manufacturer's instructions should be followed when installing the rack

How to use storage bin racks

Storage bin racks are very simple to use. Au Viet Rack would like to guide you on how to use it specifically as follows:

  •  The plastic bins are hooked up to the support bar neatly, make sure it is not wobbly or loose.

How to use storage bin racksFix the position of the plastic bins before use

  •  Sort items to be stored on racks based on:
    •  Classification by size: small groups of items, components, and medicines can be arranged on the upper levels and large sizes on the lower levels.
    •  Classification by use: each level can be divided into levels containing tools, components, and drugs with separate functions. Then label each rack level to easily distinguish their function, helping to speed up access and inventory of items on the rack.
    •  Sort by utility: items that need a lot of use should be placed in the most accessible plastic bins, conversely, items that are least used should be kept in the bins out of reach. This will make the process of picking up and storing items more convenient and faster.

How to use storage bin racksClassification items by use on storage bin racks

  •  Arrange the items in the racks according to the desired classification.
  •  During use, if you want to change the position or clean the plastic bins, just lift the plastic bins off the support bar.

Notes in the process of using storage bin racks

  •  Recommendation: the items, components, tools or medicine in each plastic tray must have the same shape, size, color and use to avoid confusion during use.

Notes in the process of using storage bin racksIdentical items should be stored in a plastic bin

  •  Storage bin racks are used to store dry goods, small size. This kind of rack cannot hold bulky goods or exceed the allowable load. Please pay attention to the load of the rack so that the rack collapse does not occur.
  •  Because the plastic bins are the main part to store goods, it is necessary to pay attention to items that cause plastic corrosion. Do not contain chemicals or items with chemicals that cause plastic corrosion on the racks.
  •  Do not contain potentially abrasive or abrasive items, sharp objects that can puncture the plastic bins (plastic boxes).
  •  If the plastic bin is damaged during use, you can order a new plastic bin to replace or consult the rack supplier.

Notes in the process of using storage bin racksShould consult the manufacturer when the storage bin rack has problems

Above is how to install storage bin racks and how to use storage bin racks. Au Viet Rack hopes that this article provides useful information for you. You can refer to the price quote of storage bin racks if you need or contact us immediately if you need more in-depth advice. Au Viet Rack is always ready to serve you!

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