Instructions For Maintenance Of Pallet Shuttle - Radio Shuttle Robot

Robot Pallet Shuttle (also known by many other names such as Robot Radio Shuttle, Pallet Runner or Radio Shuttle Cart) is a smart vehicle used to move pallets of goods inside the Radio Shuttle racking system. Pallet Shuttle works smoothly on rails, so the collision rate is almost minimal. However, maintenance is also very important when using robots for a long time because this is still an electronic device. Let's learn the steps of maintaining a Pallet Shuttle with Au Viet Rack in the article below!

Instructions For Maintenance Of Pallet Shuttle - Radio Shuttle Robot

Why does the Pallet Shuttle need periodic maintenance?

Robot Pallet Shuttle is the main vehicle in the process of loading and unloading goods when using the Radio Shuttle racking system. Therefore, once the Pallet Shuttle is damaged, it will reduce the productivity of loading and unloading goods in the warehouse.

Like many other electronic machines, if Pallet Shuttle is used for a long time, it could be at risk of stagnation, reduced productivity, external damage as well as internal engine. Routine maintenance is essential to early detection of damage and timely maintenance, to ensure a smooth and long-lasting operation of the Radio Shuttle Rack Robot.

Pallet Shuttle needs periodic maintenancePallet Shuttle needs periodic maintenance

Standard Pallet Shuttle Maintenance Procedure

Radio Shuttle robot maintenance process includes: cleaning and checking all details of Pallet Shuttle robot

Cleaning inside and outside of Pallet Shuttle

  •  Sensor parts cleaning: carefully observe the guide sensor and pallet sensor, gently remove foreign objects, foreign substances and dirt on the sensor.
  •  Cleaning the inside of the Pallet Shuttle: Open the lid of the robot and use a small-capacity vacuum cleaner to remove dirt and foreign objects, paying attention to the small nooks and crannies to ensure that the inside of the robot is completely clean.
  •  Cleaning the external surface of the Pallet Shuttle: wipe off foreign substances and dirt from the entire exterior of the robot with a soft cloth.

Cleaning Robot Radio Shuttle after a long time of useCleaning Robot Radio Shuttle after a long time of use

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Check all details of the pallet shuttle

  •  External check of the Pallet Shuttle: Observe the outer shell of the robot to make sure the robot is not damaged. If the problem is detected in any part of the robot, it is advisable to consider a replacement so that the robot will not be degraded. Apply lubricating grease to the lifting position, the bearings for the robot to work more smoothly.
  •  Check the wheel: Observe the wear and tear of the wheel after long -term use. In case the wheel is too abrasive that leads to a significant gap between wheels and rail, or deformed wheels, it is necessary to replace it.
  •  Check the chain in the pallet lifting position: Moving parts in machinery and equipment may occur in the situation of loose chains, reducing the interaction between machine parts. Therefore, if the chain is loose, it is necessary to tighten the distance to the joints.
  •  Check and tighten the screws in the robot, check the buffer block whether there is a loose, then tighten it.

It is necessary to carefully check the parts in the Pallet ShuttleIt is necessary to carefully check the parts in the Pallet Shuttle

  •  Check the rail on the Radio Shuttle racks: the rail is where the shuttle pallet operates, if there are some strange objects, dirt or gap will hinder the operation of the robot, abrasion and damage the wheel faster. Conduct cleaning rails and ensure the gaps between the joints must be less than 5mm.
  •  Check the battery installation position and robot boot button: See the manufacturer's description to determine the right position of these details, then make adjustments if there is a deviation.
  •  Check the operating of LED indicator lights on the robot in order to make sure it responds well when controlled by remote or tablet.
  •  Check the battery and super capacitor charging Radio Shuttle Cart, make sure that the battery is higher than 48V.
  •  Check more about the Shuttle Radio racking system if necessary.

Robot feature testing is essentialRobot feature testing is essential

With some simple maintenance steps above, you have completed the pallet shuttle maintenance process. Businesses need to set periodic maintenance time for robots to ensure the best quality of operation. If you are interested in Radio Shuttle racking, you can immediately refer to the quote of Radio Shuttle racking or receive free professional advice from Au Viet Rack. Au Viet Rack is very pleased to serve you!

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