Price List for Storage Bin Rack

 Storage bin racks are used to store and organize various components, spare parts, and machinery details, helping to prevent loss of goods. Storage bin racks are increasingly popular in many businesses. So, how much does it cost to buy a storage bin rack? Where is it good to buy a storage bin rack? Let's find out in the following article with Au Viet Rack.

Storage bin rack Au Viet Rack
Storage bin rack Au Viet Rack

What is a storage bin rack? The function of a storage bin rack

A storage bin rack is a compact-sized storage rack that can be used in various spaces to store and organize various components, spare parts, screws, etc.

The plastic bins are stacked on top of each other on the rack surface or arranged with hooks on the rack. Using a storage bin rack helps to control and categorize goods in a scientific manner, avoiding loss of goods.

The most commonly used types of storage bin racks

Currently, storage bin racks are designed in various models to meet different usage needs. Each type has its own advantages and applications, bringing convenience and efficiency in storing goods. Let's take a look at some popular types of storage bin racks to find the one that suits your needs.

  •  Storage bin rack with wheels

Storage bin rack with wheelsStorage bin rack with wheels

The bottom of the rack is equipped with 4 wheels for easy movement to different positions. With the flexibility in mobility, storage bin rack with wheels are widely used in manufacturing workshops, repair shops, warehouses that frequently require access to components and screws during work.

  •  Storage bin rack without wheels

Storage bin rack without wheelsStorage bin rack without wheels

This type of rack is securely installed and is typically used for warehouses with fixed storage needs, such as document storage and office supplies. However, if there is a need to move the rack to a different location, it can still be easily disassembled and adjusted.

  •  Hanging storage bin rack

 Hanging storage bin rackHanging storage bin rack

The plastic bins are hung on hooks on the rack, and the position of the bins can be flexibly changed according to usage needs. Hanging storage bin racks are commonly used for light-weight items like screws, accessories, and merchandise.

  •  Storage bin rack for items on shelves

Storage bin rack for items on shelvesStorage bin rack for items on shelves

The bins are stacked directly on the shelf, and they can be divided into separate areas for different types of goods, making it easy to control the quantity of stored items.

Price list for storage bin racks at the factory

Storage bin racks come in a variety of types and designs, and the prices for each type of rack will vary. Below is the price list for some models of storage bin racks at Au Viet Rack for your reference and selection:


(The price list above includes transportation and installation fees in Ho Chi Minh City. VAT is not included.)

(*) Note: The above price list is only for reference for some popular models of storage bin racks. The product prices may vary depending on the actual conditions and customer requirements.

To receive accurate consultation and pricing for your warehouse, please contact us immediately for the fastest support.

Where to buy high-quality storage bin racks?

Au Viet Rack is a provider of storage bin racks with a variety of models. In addition, we specialize in manufacturing various types of storage racks, steel pallets, warehouse ladders, etc., with top-quality and competitive prices.

All products at Au Viet Rack are made from premium stainless steel materials, ensuring high durability and long-lasting use.

When choosing Au Viet Rack, you can have complete peace of mind because:

  •  All products are directly manufactured in the Au Viet Rack factory without intermediaries, resulting in optimized and cost-effective prices for customers.
  •  Our professional consulting and technical team, with experience in implementing various projects, will provide the most suitable storage solutions for your needs.
  •  We offer specific and long-term warranty policies for all products.

The above are the information and price list for storage bin racks provided by Au Viet Rack. If you need detailed product consultation, please contact us immediately for quick support.

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