Top 3 Types of Pallets Used For Cold Storage - How To Choose Cold Storage Pallets

Operating a cold storage requires a lot of investment in facilities and operating costs. Therefore, choosing cold storage pallets is also a difficult problem for businesses when they both want compatibility and need to save costs. In this article, Au Viet Rack will introduce and analyze in depth the best types of pallets for cold storage today.

Criteria for choosing pallets for cold storage

  •  The first and most important criterion when choosing cold storage pallets is the temperature resistance of the pallet. The basic heat resistance range for cold storage pallets is minus 20 degrees Celsius to minus 60 degrees Celsius.
  •  Bearing a large load: because cold storage has high warehouse operating costs, it is often used to store large blocks of goods in large quantities. Therefore, normal cold storage pallets must be able to withstand heavy goods. However, if the business's goods are light, there is no need to worry about this.
  •  Cold storage pallets need to have good waterproofing ability because cold storage has quite high humidity. Furthermore, because the products are frozen in the cold storage, they may leak a little when shipped out. If the pallet is absorbent, it will be easily damaged.
  •  High durability is a necessary element of pallets when used in cold storage. Cold storage will often contain goods in large quantities and save as much space as possible, so forklift drivers may face racking with narrow aisles, making pallets and goods more easy to drop and collide. .
  •  For long-term use, businesses should choose pallets that are easy to clean to remove stains and liquids to keep goods hygienic.

How to choose cold storage pallets Things to know when choosing to buy cold storage pallets

Types of pallets used for cold storage

Wooden pallets for cold storage

  •  When it comes to cost savings, wooden pallets lead the way among cold storage pallets. Wooden pallets are easy to produce, cheap and can be produced on demand in small quantities.
  •  Wooden pallets for cold storage are light in weight so they can be moved quite easily.
  •  Some people are concerned about mold contamination of wooden pallets. However, molds often grow over a wide thermodynamic range (0°C to 50°C). Cold storage has a lower temperature than that so it is almost impossible for mold to grow, so wooden pallets can completely be used in cold storage.
  •  Suitable for warehouses storing medium and light loads.
  •  However, the durability of wooden pallets is not high (average lifespan of 1 year) and is easily water-absorbent, so it is difficult to clean and at risk of rotting when regularly exposed to liquid.

Can wooden pallets be used for cold storage? Wooden pallets for cold storage

Cold storage plastic pallets

With only a slightly higher price than wooden pallets, plastic pallets can overcome the backwards of wooden pallets such as:

  •  Cold storage plastic pallets are waterproof and very easy to clean.
  •  Plastic pallets have a longer lifespan than wooden pallets (2 to 3 years of life) and are impact resistant.
  •  High load capacity, can hold goods of several hundred kilograms or more.
  •  The weight of plastic pallets is also relatively light so it is quite easy to move.

Can plastic pallets be used for cold storage? Plastic pallets for cold storage

Steel pallets for cold storage

Steel pallets are the most expensive of the three types of pallets but also offer the best quality. Some great advantages include:

  •  Extremely large load capacity, can withstand goods from several hundred kilograms to several tons.
  •  Extremely durable: cold storage steel pallets have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. If your business needs long-term use but does not want to replace it many times, steel pallets are a great choice.
  •  Many people believe that cold storage with high humidity will cause steel pallets to rust quickly. This is absolutely not true because cold storage pallets will have their surface treated according to specific standards for cold storage. Steel pallets are powder-coated or hot-dip galvanized, completely eliminating the risk of rust even when used in high humidity environments and in frequent contact with liquids.
  •  Steel pallets are water resistant so they are easy to clean periodically.
  •  Cold storage steel pallets have extremely high hardness, so they can withstand impacts extremely well, helping to keep goods safe and save on repair and replacement costs.
  •  With high investment costs but such good and durable quality for 10 to 15 years of use, steel pallets are still a worthy type of pallet to invest in a cold storage system.

Can steel pallets be used for cold storage? Steel pallets for cold storage

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How to preserve cold storage pallets

  •  For wooden pallets, when waiting to be put into cold storage for use, pay attention to storing them in a cool place, not exposed to high humidity, liquids, and corrosive chemicals. Wooden pallets are flammable and should be avoided near large heat sources and flammable items. Do not leave wooden pallets outdoors without a roof because it will cause the pallet to warp due to the difference in day and night temperatures.
  •  For plastic pallets, avoid placing them near high heat sources to keep the pallet from melting. Businesses should pay attention to the materials of plastic pallets for best preservation. For example, plastic pallets made from HDPE will melt at a temperature of 142 degrees Celsius, PP plastic will melt at a temperature of 160 degrees Celsius.
  •  For steel pallets, there are almost no requirements for preservation because they can withstand all harsh environmental conditions. However, you should also pay careful attention during the moving process because steel pallets are very heavy. If they fall or have a strong impact, they will deform the pallet or, more seriously, harm people and goods.

How to properly preserve cold storage pallets Properly preserving cold storage pallets increases pallet lifespan

Above are the top 3 best types of pallets used in cold storage today. Hopefully this article helps businesses better understand the advantages and disadvantages of each type of cold storage pallet. Furthermore, businesses need to clearly identify their needs when choosing the most suitable type of pallet for their warehouse to avoid wasting money and time.

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