Top Latest Grocery Shelf Models 2023

People's living standards are now increasingly improving, leading to a higher demand for essential goods. To anticipate this development, many people have opened grocery stores to increase their income. This is also a form of making money that is not too difficult, but it also requires investing in a lot of things, typically grocery shelving. So what kind of shelving do sellers need to invest in to display groceries? Let's find out with Au Viet Rack in this article!

How many types of grocery shelving are there?

Why should you use specialized shelving for groceries?

  •  Using grocery shelving is a great way to maximize storage space in your grocery store. Each type of shelf has a different function and different sizes. If arranged properly, every corner of the store can be used effectively.
  •  Grocery display shelving helps organize products more intelligently. If you do not use shelving, the goods will be placed in a disorderly manner, it will be very difficult to find and take out. Using grocery shelving will help sellers easily divide the display area for each product, making it easier to find, easier to take and better control inventory. Scientific arrangement of goods makes the grocery store space more airy, with more space for aisles and easier to clean periodically.
  •  Effective product advertising/introduction with grocery shelving: using specific types of shelving for specific product groups will make the products stand out more and attract buyers. In addition, using grocery shelving also increases the beauty of the store and enhances the customer experience.

Uses of grocery shelving Grocery display shelving beautify the store space

Classified by function

Single sided gondola shelving

Single sided gondola shelving is a type of grocery shelf with only one side containing goods. This type of shelf is often used for empty space close to the wall to make the most of the storage area.

Single grocery shelf Single sided gondola shelving

Double sided gondola shelving

A double sided gondola shelving is a type of shelf with two sides designed to hold goods, usually placed in the middle of the store. Double sided gondola shelving helps save space, creating more grocery display areas.

Double grocery shelving Double sided gondola shelving

Gondola end bay

This is also a type of single sided gondola shelf but is as short as the width of a row of double shelf. The gondola end bay is often placed at the top of the double shelf to increase the aesthetics of the store. In addition, this is also the most prominent position and easily attracts attention. Therefore, new types of goods that need to be advertised will be placed at the gondola end bay.

Gondola shelf end bay Gondola end bay

Classified by structure

Mesh gondola shelving

Mesh gondola shelving has the cheapest price among the three kinds of basic display shelves. The reason is that the back of the shelf is made from thin mesh so production costs are also reduced. Mesh gondola shelving ventilation between stalls and the mesh can also be used to attach hooks to hang more items. However, the load capacity of mesh gondola shelving will be lower than other shelving.

Mesh gondola shelving Mesh gondola shelving

Metal pegboard gondola shelving

The back of this type of shelf is corrugated iron panels with many small holes perforated to help separate the space between the two sides of the shelf containing goods. Therefore, perforated grocery shelving helps increase the aesthetics of the store space, helping customers not to be confused when choosing goods. The holes on the back of the shelf still meet the needs of hanging and hooking goods. Metal pegboard gondola shelving costs more than mesh gondola shelving and has better load capacity.

Metal pegboard shelving Metal pegboard gondola shelving

Plain panel gondola shelving

Different from both types of grocery shelving above, the plain panel gondola shelving has a flat back and is completely sealed. Although the price is higher than the 2 kinds above, plain panel gondola shelving has a higher load capacity and is very sturdy. In addition to clearly dividing storage space, this type of shelf also has the advantage of being very easy to clean.

Plain panel gondola shelving Plain panel gondola shelving

Other types of grocery shelving

In addition to the basic types of grocery shelving, there are also many other types of grocery shelving on the market with unique features for certain purposes. Using a variety of shelving in a grocery store not only helps utilize space but also increases the quality of the buyer's experience.

V hole steel shelving (V steel shelving) for groceries

V-hole shelving is a suitable choice for small grocery stores that need to save costs and do not focus too much on aesthetics. Although the appearance is not as professional as the grocery shelving above, V steel shelving allows you to choose the paint color you like. Furthermore, V-hole steel shelving also has a large capacity, and is easy to disassemble and clean. If you choose a reputable manufacturer, it will ensure high load capacity and high stability for the shelf.

V-hole shelving for groceries V-hole shelving for groceries

Wood and metal shelf for groceries

Iron shelving lined with wooden boards make the store look more elegant and beautiful. This type of shelf is mostly used in stores that are more high-end than small grocery stores. Therefore, store owners need to clearly consider the need to display their goods to suit the overall space of the store.

Wood and metal shelf for groceries Wood and metal shelf for groceries

Noodle basket shelf - basket grocery display shelf

This type of shelf is certainly no longer strange to every grocery store. Instant noodles and packaged products are very popular and necessary in daily life. Therefore, store owners should also consider owning noodle basket shelving to display them separately.

Grocery noodle basket shelf - basket display shelf Steel shelving combined with basket tier are used to store packaged products

Ladder-shaped grocery display shelf

Ladder-shaped shelving is very commonly used for displaying and advertising products. Typically, ladder-shaped shelving for groceries will be placed in the storefront area to attract passersby. The products will be arranged in layers to look very neat, helping to increase the aesthetics of the store. This type of shelf is often used to display boxes of candy, wine or dry goods placed in large bags such as rice, beans, flour,,...

Ladder grocery shelf Ladder shelving for groceries

Experience in choosing to buy quality and cost-effective grocery shelving

Estimate your budget for grocery shelving

Depending on the budget and the level at which the seller wants to invest and decorate the store, make a list of necessary shelving. If the budget is abundant, the seller can invest in a variety of more professional shelving with good quality, sturdier and more beautiful. If the budget is limited, store owners can choose V-hole shelving and simple iron shelving to display goods.

Cheap grocery shelving Store layout is more professional when there is large space and abundant budget

V-hole shelving sell groceries Save costs when using V-hole steel shelving for groceries

In addition, liquidation grocery shelves are also quite popular and can be a way to save money for sellers who don't have a lot of money. However, it is necessary to carefully consider the reasons for liquidation of the shelving to avoid buying poor quality shelving and having to spend a lot of money on repairs later.

Based on the store area to choose the shelving for grocery goods

To accomplish this, the seller needs to determine the area of ​​the store, then make a map of the ground simulation. After searching for a reputable grocery shelf supplier, the seller should list the types of shelving to use, then record the size of the width and length of all types of shelving. The final step is to draw the simulation of all kinds of shelving into the store diagram. Sellers should pay attention to the width of the path needed to easily move between the stalls. After finishing, ask the shelf supplier to see if the layout is feasible or not before ordering.

Experience choosing to buy grocery shelving Arranging grocery shelving for broad grocery stores

How to choose to buy cheap grocery shelvingArranging grocery shelving for small grocery stores

Above are the most popular grocery shelving and how to buy grocery shelving. Au Viet Rack hopes that this article can help those who want to invest in this form of business. Consider your needs carefully to choose the most suitable and cost -effective shelving. A clean, neat grocery store will always attract customers, contributing to increasing sales for the store.

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