Types Of Steel Pallets And Applications Of Steel Pallets In Warehouses

Steel pallets are an indispensable piece of equipment in most warehouses that store large quantities of goods and require forklifts to move heavy goods. Nowadays there are many types of steel pallets and each type has different advantages and disadvantages. In this article, Au Viet Rack will introduce to you all types of steel pallets and the applications of steel pallets in warehouses!

What are steel pallets used for?

Steel pallets are a type of device used to line the bottom of packages, helping to support and speed up the process of moving goods. Some great uses that steel pallets bring:

  •  Avoid goods becoming moldy due to putting packages directly on the ground, keep goods always clean.
  •  Easily move goods when used with a forklift.
  •  Helps arrange goods more scientifically and save storage space.
  •  Secure goods when moving, avoiding incidents of falling goods.
  •  Increase productivity in warehouse operations and reduce manual labor.

What are steel pallets used for? - Au Viet Rack Steel pallets help speed up the process of moving and storing goods

Why should you use steel pallets?

Compared to other types of pallets such as wooden, paper, and plastic pallets, steel pallets offer advantages such as:

  •  Very durable to use, average pallet lifespan is 15 years or more.
  •  Withstands medium to very heavy goods.
  •  The risk of deformation due to long-term use is very low, steel pallets can only be distorted or deformed when used incorrectly or subjected to strong impact.
  •  Does not catch fire, limits fire accidents in the warehouse.
  •  Waterproof so it's easy to clean and disinfect, and won't get moldy like other material pallets.
  •  Steel pallets limit the disposal of many pallets into the environment when damaged.
  •  Recovered 30% of initial costs thanks to selling steel materials from steel pallets that could no longer be used.

Advantages of steel pallets - Au Viet Rack Steel pallets are suitable for long-term use

However, steel pallets also have some disadvantages:

  •  Steel pallets are quite heavy so they must be moved entirely by forklift.
  •  Steel pallets have a higher initial investment cost than wooden or paper-plastic pallets. However, with many times more durability than other materials, steel pallets are still considered a product worth a long-term investment.

How many types of steel pallets are there? Uses of steel pallets

Currently, steel pallets are designed in many types to serve different storage needs. To help you best understand all types of steel pallets, Au Viet Rack will briefly introduce each type, the shape and uses of each type of steel pallet.

Flat steel pallet

Flat steel pallets are the most widely used type of steel pallets today. They are the frame for loading goods on top, and can be combined with some binding and fixing measures to keep the goods firmly on the pallet. Flat steel pallets act as forklift support devices to move goods quickly, safely, and conveniently. This type of steel pallet is used in combination with pallet racks containing heavy loads such as Selective racks, Double Deep racks, VNA racks, Radio Shuttle racks, Drive in racks,...

Flat steel pallets - Au Viet Rack Flat steel pallets are the most commonly use type of pallet today

The structure of the flat steel pallet is quite simple, including: outer support bar, inner support bar, keel plate and base.
In fact, flat steel pallets are classified according to:

  •  Number of cargo sides: 1-sided pallet, 2-sided pallet.
  •  Pallet handling direction: 2-way exposed pallet, 4-way exposed pallet.

Stackable steel pallet

Stackable steel pallets are pallets with 1 side containing goods and 4 pillars at 4 corners. This type of pallet is used to store goods and stack them high like racks.

  •  Advantages of stackable steel pallets: Although they have the same function as heavy duty racks, stackable steel pallets do not need to be fixed with bolts or screws, do not need to be drilled to fix them on the warehouse floor, and are easy to move to many places. Because of this convenience, stackable steel pallets are the ideal choice for businesses that frequently change warehouse models. In some cases, stackable pallets are also equipped with wheels to move more flexibly and can be used as carts.

Stackable steel pallets with wheels Stackable steel pallets with wheels

  •  The disadvantage of stackable steel pallets is that the initial cost is higher than investing in a fixed storage rack system. In addition, forklift drivers must have high expertise and be really careful when stacking pallets on top of each other because if they are negligent, the pallets will fall, causing damage to the goods and pallets.

Types of stackable steel pallets:

Stacked steel pallets (disassemble type)

This type of pallet includes the pillars that can be removed when not in use, saving storage space.

Stackable steel pallets - Au Viet Rack Stackable steel pallet type that can be disassembled

Nestable steel pallet

Although the structure cannot be disassembled, nestable steel pallets can be nested together very conveniently when stored. When in use, there is no need for additional assembly, helping to save operating time.

Nestable steel pallet - Au Viet Rack Pallets when not in use will be nested together

Inverted stacking steel pallet

Similar to stacked steel pallets, inverted stacking steel pallets are also welded together with fixed details. When stacked up to form a storage rack, these pallets create an additional storage surface. Thanks to that advantage, inverted stacking steel pallets help businesses take advantage of more storage space and reduce the number of pallets that need to be invested. For example, if 3 pallets are stacked, there will be 4 storage surfaces.

Inverted stacking steel pallet - Au Viet Rack Inverted stacking steel pallet have an upside down shape when in use

Inverted stacking steel pallets are suitable for use as storage racks, which means the goods are placed on the flat pallet first, then placed on the storage surface of the inverted stacking steel pallets. Do not place goods directly on inverted stacking steel pallets because the design of this type of steel pallet is not convenient for moving.

Inverted stacking steel pallets - Au Viet Rack Steel pallets stacked upside down in a real warehouse

Foldable steel pallet

Foldable steel pallets are pallets that can be folded without having to be disassembled. In particular, the bottom frame and the side frame are connected together in the form of a joint that can be pulled out and folded in.
Foldable steel pallets have the advantage of being easy to fold and unfold, businesses do not need to worry about time-consuming assembly.

Foldable steel pallet - Au Viet Rack Foldable steel pallets have a folding joint between the base and the frame

Stackable wire mesh pallet

Stackable wire mesh pallet is a type of stacked pallet but surrounded by a mesh fence. When you need to load goods onto the pallet or take them out, just open the mesh gate of the pallet and close it after completing the operation. Stackable wire mesh pallets are very suitable for preserving goods with many separate and bulky parts in the mechanical and garment industries. Especially for some specific types of goods that need to be stored in a well-ventilated area to avoid moisture, mesh pallets are the optimal choice.

Stackable wire mesh pallet - Au Viet Rack Stackable wire mesh pallet keep goods from falling while still being breathable

Ways to treat steel pallet surfaces

Surface treatment of steel pallets is the act of coating the surface to protect the pallet against environmental impacts, as well as increase the aesthetics of this product. There are 4 ways to treat steel pallet surfaces as follows:

Hot-dip galvanized steel pallets

Hot-dip galvanized steel pallets are the best surface treatment method today. The steel pallet will be dipped into a tank containing molten zinc. The outer surface of the steel pallet will partially melt, causing the zinc to adhere deeply to the pallet surface. Thanks to that, the hot-dip galvanized layer covers the entire inside and outside of the pallet completely.
The galvanized layer gives a shiny, beautiful appearance to the steel pallet and is extremely durable, not peeling or rusting after long-term use or impact. Hot-dip galvanized steel pallets can be used well and are durable in all environments, including exposure to sunlight, humid environments, corrosive chemicals, and extremely cold or hot temperatures. However, this is also the surface treatment method with the highest cost.

Hot-dip galvanized steel pallets - Au Viet Rack
 Hot-dip galvanized steel pallets are durable, beautiful and shiny

Powder-coated steel pallets

Powder-coated steel pallets are the most commonly used type of steel pallets today. Powder coating provides durability only after hot-dip galvanizing but protects the metal surface very well and for a long time, and is also cheaper than hot-dip galvanizing.
This method is done by giving the paint powder a positive charge, while the metal surface has a negative charge. When painting, positive charges (+) meet negative charges (-) and will bond together according to the principle of electric current, causing the paint layer to adhere tightly and evenly across the metal surface.
Electrostatic painting technology produces a smooth, even, glossy coating that adheres firmly to the pallet surface. Powder-coated steel pallets can be used in harsh temperature, damp or highly corrosive environments.

Powder-coated steel pallets - Au Viet RackPowder-coated steel pallets with beautiful, durable colors

Galvanized steel pallets

Galvanized steel pallets are steel pallets that are coated with zinc on the surface of the pallet at normal temperature. The cost of the galvanizing method is quite cheap, behind hot-dip galvanizing and electrostatic painting, but the durability is not as good as the above two methods. Because it is galvanized at normal temperature, the galvanized layer does not penetrate deep into the pallet surface, and will peel off more easily if used for a long time or encountered a collision.

Oil-painted steel pallets

This is the cheapest pallet surface treatment method currently on the market. These types of oil paints are often easy to find on the market at quite cheap prices. Paint is stored in a spray bottle and sprayed directly onto the pallet surface.
Oil painting is still a way to increase aesthetics and provide relative protection for pallets. However, oil-painted steel pallets need to be preserved more carefully and used in dry, cool environments, not exposed to sunlight or humidity. The lifespan of the oil paint layer on the pallet is not durable, so it needs to be checked regularly to prevent the pallet from rusting, and will need to be repainted many times during use.

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Which warehouses are steel pallets used for?

Steel pallets have many types as above to serve all customers' needs. Therefore, steel pallets are hardly picky about the type of warehouse. Each warehouse environment has different conditions, so choosing a surface treatment method plays a very important role.
Flat steel pallets are the most ideal choice for warehouses that need to store medium to super heavy goods (500kg to several tons per pallet).
Stackable steel pallets are applicable to all types of warehouses to replace fixed pallet racking systems. The arrangement of rows of stacked steel pallets is quite flexible, depending on the user's wishes, so it also saves warehouse space. Businesses can proactively choose to add a layer of mesh around the pallet (mesh pallet) to better protect goods.
Types of warehouses that often use steel pallets include: cold storage, pharmaceutical warehouse, agricultural warehouse, seafood warehouse, food warehouse, animal feed warehouse, roll fabric warehouse, packaging warehouse, warehouse. containing boards and furniture,...

Cold storage pallets - Au Viet Rack 
 Steel pallets for cold storage

steel pallets containing agricultural products - Au Viet Rack
 Steel pallets containing agricultural products

Steel pallets containing food - Au Viet Rack
 Steel pallets contain food

Steel pallets for fabric - Au Viet RackSteel pallets contain rolled fabric

Steel pallets for boards - Au Viet Rack Steel pallets contain boards

steel pallets containing packaging - Au Viet Rack
 Steel pallets contain packaging

steel pallets containing pharmaceuticals - Au Viet Rack
 Steel pallets contain pharmaceuticals

Above is an overview of types of steel pallets, advantages, disadvantages and applications of steel pallets in warehouses. If you still have questions about steel pallet products, please contact us immediately for quick and dedicated advice. Au Viet Rack is one of the leading quality steel pallet manufacturing companies in Vietnam. We always want to bring the best products to you.

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