What Is An Anti Spill Pallet? Advantages And Disadvantages Of Each Type

Besides the flat pallets that we know such as iron, wood, and plastic pallets, on the market today there is also a very special type of pallet, that is anti-spill pallet. This is a very popular type of pallet in businesses that need to store containers of liquid. Let's find out with Au Viet Rack what anti-spill pallets are and the uses of anti-spill pallets in the warehouse.

What is an anti-spill pallet?

Anti-spill pallets are a great solution for containing liquid products (such as oils, chemicals) stored in drums, helping to prevent liquid from flowing onto the floor or other objects, keeping it clean when moving as well as when storing.

What are oil spill pallets? Oil pill pallets are used to store liquid goods

This is a type of pallet with a large perforated or mesh surface, allowing liquid to flow down without spilling out of the pallet. Materials used to make spill-proof pallets need to ensure high corrosion resistance and can be used for most types of toxic chemicals. Inside the anti-spill pallet there is plenty of space to contain liquid spilled from above and the pallet surface is designed to be removable for easy cleaning.

Inside the anti-spill pallet Special structure of anti-spill pallet

Advantages of anti-spill pallet

  •  Highly anti-corrosion material, resistant to corrosive chemicals.
  •  Even though it contains toxic oils and chemicals, the lifespan of these pallets is very long
  •  Anti-oil spill pallets can be used with all types of forklifts and hand lifts.
  •  Avoid wasting product: when liquid spills out of the tank, it will be collected cleanly, then processed and reused.
  •  Anti-chemical spill pallets have very good waterproofing advantages along with a removable pallet surface that makes it easy to clean periodically.

Anti-spill pallet are easy to clean The spill pallet surface can be easily removed

  •  Reduce the risk of harm to workers as well as surrounding goods due to chemical spills.
  •  Withstands large loads and can be stacked to save storage space.
  •  There is a drain valve at the bottom to help speed up the cleaning process for the pallet.

How many types of anti-spill pallets are there? Advantages of each type of anti-spill pallet

Classified by material

Anti-spill plastic pallets

Anti-spill plastic pallets are made from 100% HDPE virgin plastic, are quite light and can be easily moved by hand. In addition, UV protection helps keep pallet colors durable and beautiful for a long time, without being damaged under the influence of sunlight. However, the load-bearing capacity of plastic pallets is lower than that of anti-spill steel pallets and their lifespan is also shorter.

Anti-spill plastic pallets Anti-spill pallets are made of plastic

Anti-spill steel pallets

Anti-spill steel pallets have very high sturdiness and can withstand medium to very heavy goods. The lifespan is also many times higher than that of anti-spill plastic pallets. However, spill steel pallets are quite heavy so they are difficult to move by hand, and the price is also higher than plastic ones.

Anti-spill steel pallets Anti-spill pallets are made of steel

Classified by storing capacity

Currently, anti-spill pallets are commonly produced in 3 sizes as follows:

  •  Anti-spill pallet with 1 drum

1 drums anti-spill pallet Anti-spill pallet with 1 drum

  •  Anti-spill pallet with 2 drums

2 drums anti-spill pallet Anti-spill pallet with 2 drums

  •  Anti-spill pallet with 4 drums

4 drums anti-spill pallet Anti-spill pallet with 4 drums

Above are just the 3 most popular spill pallet sizes, in addition there are still many types of anti-spill pallets with larger capacities produced according to the requirements of businesses.

Anti-oil spill pallet contains many drums Multi-drum anti-spill pallet

Businesses should choose the capacity of anti-spill pallets based on the number of drums that need to be moved at the same time.

Application of anti-spill pallets

Anti-spill pallets are used to prevent liquid leaks when moving as well as when storing, helping to keep the warehouse environment clean, without leaking liquids affecting other activities.

Uses of anti-spill pallets
Anti-spill pallets are often applied in processing and manufacturing plants, transportation and logistics companies. Types of liquids commonly used with anti-spill pallets include: oils, toxic or flammable chemicals, pharmaceutical liquids, food and beverages,...

What are anti-spill pallets used for?

Above is basic information about oil and chemical anti-spill pallets. Hopefully this article will help businesses better understand the types of anti-spill pallets to choose the most suitable pallet type for their warehouse.

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