What Is The Use Of Mezzanine Floor? Applications Of Mezzanine Floor

The mezzanine floor is popularly used with the function of optimizing space in height and diversifying the function of the warehouse. Let's learn with Au Viet Rack about the characteristics and applications of the operating floor to evaluate whether this is a solution worth investing in.

What is the mezzanine floor used for?

Things to know when buying a mezzanine floor

Storage density when using the mezzanine floor

The mezzanine floor provides many times higher storage density than the warehouse that only holds the goods above ground. Storage space can increase 2.3 times depending on the number of mezzanines installed in the warehouse.
Businesses can divide the storage function by floors. When using the mezzanine floor, storing goods becomes more comfortable when it is possible to store goods on the ground or install more racks to store goods, the density depends on the needs of the business.

Storage density of mezzanine floorsMezzanine floor to increase storage density

Mezzanine floor load

The mezzanine floor is built very solidly, just like a real warehouse floor, not a temporary mezzanine. Therefore, the load of the mezzanine floor is very high, up to 1200 kg/m2. Usually, this type of mezzanine floor will be installed from 2 to 3 floors in a warehouse to ensure the highest level of stability and safety.

mezzanine floor load - mezzanine floor heightMezzanine floor with a large load to meet many needs of businesses

Type of goods stored

It is ideal for warehouses that need to store a wide variety of goods of different sizes and weights to install a mezzanine floor system. The wide floor allows businesses to divide the storage floors into separate storage areas for different types of goods.
However, businesses should also note that the load of goods should not exceed the load of the floor to avoid causing danger when using it.
Normally, heavy goods will be placed on the ground floor for easy pick-up by forklifts, and medium-light goods will be stored on the upper floors so that they can be easily moved by hand pallet truck.

Uses of the mezzanine floorThe mezzanine floor has no special requirements for goods to be stored

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The application of the mezzanine floor in warehouses

The mezzanine floor is very suitable for warehouses from small to large scale and has the advantage of height (minimum warehouse height is 4 meters). To answer the question of what the mezzanine floor is used for, Au Viet Rack will give some typical uses of the mezzanine floor below:

  •  The mezzanine floor is used to store goods in the warehouse, increasing the cargo floor to divide the goods storage area. This type of mezzanine floor helps to diversify the warehouse function, businesses can use the upper floor for offices, entertainment areas, meeting rooms, exchanges, rest places for workers; the lower floor can be used for production, storage or parking,...
  •  The industries that prefer to use the mezzanine floor can be mentioned such as the garment industry, seafood, food, agricultural product and industry. In addition, the mezzanine floor is also used as an office, garage, house,...

Mezzanine floor applicationMezzanine floor for multi-purpose warehouse

Mezzanine floor used as officeMezzanine floor used as office

Mezzanine floor for storing agricultural productsMezzanine floor for warehouses for agricultural products (fruits for export)

Mezzanine floor for industrial production warehouseMezzanine floor containing industrial goods

Reasons to use a mezzanine floor in a warehouse

  •  Compared to the concrete mezzanine, the mezzanine floor is more convenient and flexible. Instead of having to build a concrete mezzanine right in the time building the factory, the mezzanine floor allows for installation at any time a business needs. The installation process is quick, without interrupting operations in the warehouse. The mezzanine floor can be disassembled when not in use without worrying about damaging the structure of the warehouse.
  •  The durability of the mezzanine floor is not much inferior to the concrete mezzanine floor. The payload per square meter is quite high and can be considered ample for most basic business needs.
  •  Helping businesses save costs for warehouse expansion such as investing in land as well as building a new factory. However, businesses should also note that the cost of the mezzanine floor system is not cheap, but it will be the most economical solution in the long run.

Reasons to use a mezzanine floor in a warehouse

In addition to the above applications, the mezzanine floor is also applied in many other fields with many different purposes. If you have questions about the suitability of the mezzanine floor in the warehouse, please contact us immediately for advice or refer to the mezzanine floor quote. Au Viet Rack is always willing to serve you!

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