Applications Of Radio Shuttle Racking In Warehouses

In the era of industrialization - modernization, businesses are not only racing in production technology, but also applying more automation of processes in the warehouse, especially racking systems. Among the automation racks, the Radio Shuttle racking stands out the most. Radio Shuttle racking is a semi-automatic racking that uses intelligent -s to move pallets of goods in the racks. So how to know which warehouse Radio Shuttle is suitable for and what conditions should be taken into account when applying? Let's see the article below with Au Viet Rack right now!

Factors to consider when choosing a Radio Shuttle racking

Storage density

Storage density is a factor that determines whether the warehouse space is used to the fullest extent or not. For warehouses that need to store a lot of goods but have difficulty in expanding the space, this is even more important.
Radio Shuttle racking is one of the racking types that utilize the highest warehouse floor surface up to 80%. To achieve this, the Radio Shuttle racking cuts out the entire aisle between the racks and minimizes the height between the levels of racks.
In addition, Radio Shuttle racking has an outstanding depth of up to 40 pallets on a racking level and a safe height of up to 15m to help promote all the strengths of the warehouse space.

Radio Shuttle Rack with High Storage DensityRadio Shuttle Rack with High Storage Density

Demand of loading/unloading goods

Determining the loading/unloading needs of goods from the very beginning will help a lot in choosing the right type of storage racking. Loading/unloading needs include loading and unloading principles, accessibility of goods, speed of loading and unloading.
When choosing Radio Shuttle racks, businesses no longer have to worry about the principle of loading and unloading goods in the warehouse. This type of racking allows to apply both LIFO and FIFO principles in the warehouse and can flexibly change the principles during use.
Fast loading and unloading speed is a great advantage of Radio Shuttle racks. The movement of pallets of goods takes place entirely inside the racking and is done by the Radio Shuttle robot. The fast moving pallet picking robot with remote control eliminates the need to drive the forklift into the racking, thereby minimizing the risk of collision between the racking and the forklift.
However, due to the seamless layout with high density, the racks are quite deep. Therefore, the shuttle robot cannot move all the pallets inside the racking due to being entangled by the outer pallets.

Applying a variety of loading/unloading principles with Radio Shuttle racksApplying a variety of loading/unloading principles with Radio Shuttle racks


Radio Shuttle racks are suitable for all types of goods thanks to the flexibility of loading and unloading principles. However, this type of racking is still better for storing products that aren’t easy to expire and requires a high inventory turnover. This is understandable since each racking floor is quite deep, if the inventory turnover is not fast enough then the products in the racks can expire.
Radio Shuttle racks are the most ideal choice for frozen products: Because the operation of cold storage costs a lot, the arrangement of Radio Shuttle racks in cold storage will utilize a lot of space, thereby saving money. operating costs, increase productivity.
The Radio Shuttle Racking allows to store different product categories (SKUs) by different rack levels or racking areas.

In addition, Radio Shuttle racks also require the pallets used for storing must have the same specifications and dimensions.

The goods on the racks need to be in sync with the typeThe pallets on the racks need to be in sync with the type

>>> See more details about the structure and specifications of Radio Shuttle racks

Investment cost

Compared to today's conventional racks, Radio Shuttle racks are superior in almost all aspects. Therefore, the investment cost for this type of racking is not cheap, especially the Radio Shuttle robot. On the other hand, businesses will not need to invest in expensive specialized forklifts. The automatic loading and unloading process also significantly reduces labor costs, fuel costs, and racking maintenance costs. In terms of long-term value, the Radio Shuttle racking is still a bright choice, well worth the investment.

Radio Shuttle rack needs high initial investment costRadio Shuttle rack needs high initial investment cost

Which warehouse is the Radio Shuttle racking suitable for?

Shuttle radio shelves are suitable for all types of warehouses today, suitable for both cold storage, high humidity and regular warehouse. Au Viet Rack will offer some of the following typical warehouses to apply this type of rack for your reference:

  •  Radio Shuttle racks are suitable for storing food, seafood, beverages, cold storage, dairy, pharmaceuticals, etc. and other low SKU levels.

Radio Shuttle racking for storing drinksRadio Shuttle racking for storing drinks

Radio Shuttle shelf for food storage
Radio Shuttle racking for food storage

  •  Suitable for storing chemical, garment, automotive, electronic components, logistics center and chemical industry applications.

Radio Shuttle racking for electronic components warehouseRadio Shuttle racking for electronic components warehouse

  •  Industrial production, large-area cold storage, production storage supplies.

Radio Shuttle Rack for Industrial Production WarehouseRadio Shuttle Rack for Industrial Production Warehouse

  •  E-commerce warehouse, finished goods warehouse.

Radio Shuttle rack for e-commerce warehouse
Radio Shuttle racks for e-commerce warehouse

The reason you should choose Shuttle radio racks for your warehouse

Radio Shuttle pallet racks are a smart and modern solution that helps overcome most of the disadvantages that conventional warehouse racks encounter:

  •  Shuttle Radio racks help minimize the risk of collision between racks and forklifts, the goods are also not damaged by falling.
  •  Significant release of manual labor that helps reduce labor costs, fuel costs.
  •  Store a lot of goods in a fixed warehouse space.
  •  Easily control the inventories through sensors, remote control and barcodes.
  •  The racks can store goods up to 1500 kg/pallet.
  •  Long-term racking life, usually from 10 to 15 years.

applications of radio shuttle racking

In summary, Shuttle Radio racking is a racking suitable for most current pallets. However, if your business wants to minimize the cost of investing racks or requires easy access to goods from many sides, Shuttle radio racks may not be suitable for your warehouse. Please contact us immediately or leave information if you still wonder about the suitability of Shuttle radio racks in the warehouse. Au Viet Rack is always ready to advise quickly and dedicated to you.

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