How To Install Mezzanine Racks, Simple Steps for Installing Mezzanine Racks

Mezzanine rack is a suitable storage solution for warehouses with height advantages, maximizing storage capacity. The combination of a working platform and a racking system helps increase storage space up to three times while optimizing investment costs. Let's explore the installation process and some considerations for safe use of mezzanine racks in the following article.

Installation of Mezzanine RacksInstallation of Mezzanine racks

Steps for installing mezzanine racks

  •  Step 1: Gather the goods in the designated area as specified by the company. In the case of outdoor storage areas, protective measures should be taken to prevent weather conditions from affecting the installation components.
  •  Step 2: Transfer the installation components to the installation location using a manual forklift or by hand.

Gather the installation components to the desired installation locationGather the installation components to the desired installation location

  •  Step 3: Measure and layout the installation according to the technical drawings.
  •  Step 4: Install the Omega upright frames.
  •  Step 5: Assemble the frames in the measured positions.
  •  Step 6: Install the beam bars according to the height of the floor indicated in the technical drawings.
  •  Step 7: Install the floor lining materials (depending on the customer's requirements, such as steel plate, wood, etc.).

Install mezzanine racks in the warehouseInstall mezzanine racks in the warehouse

  •  Step 8: Install the floor levels using floor lining materials (common materials include steel plate, wood, etc.).
  •  Step 9: Tighten all bolts to secure the connections in the rack system.
  •  Step 10: Clean the installation area.
  •  Step 11: Proceed to hand over the mezzanine rack system to the customer. If there are any issues with installation errors or product quality not meeting requirements, the customer can request immediate repairs from the supplier.

Considerations when installing mezzanine racks

  •  Proper installation: Follow the instructions provided by the supplier for installing mezzanine racks. However, if you lack experience, it is recommended to have a professional technical team handle the installation to ensure safety and accuracy for the rack system.
  •  Adhere to safety regulations: Do not violate safety regulations during the installation process, ensuring proper adherence to the fire safety distances required for the entire rack system.
  •  Follow the planned design: The technical drawings of the mezzanine rack help determine the appropriate dimensions and installation positions for the warehouse space. Installing the rack based on available design drawings helps minimize risks and optimize space.

How to operate mezzanine racks

Operating instructions for mezzanine racksOperating instructions for mezzanine racks

Mezzanine racks are used for various purposes, not only for storage but also for offices and parking lots. Below are instructions on how to operate mezzanine racks for storing goods:

  •  Case 1: For lightweight items that are not fixed on pallets, the loading and unloading process is done manually. Staff can pick up items from any position and move them down using the stairs of the rack.
  •  Case 2: For heavy items packaged on pallets, additional equipment such as a hand pallet truck is required to move the pallets to the desired position.

How much does the installation of mezzanine racks cost?

The installation of mezzanine racks helps significantly reduce the cost of expanding warehouse space. By utilizing existing vertical space, mezzanine racks increase storage capacity effectively without the need for large investments in rent and construction/adjustment of space.

The cost of installing a mezzanine rack system in an industrial warehouse depends on various factors and varies warehouses. Some key factors that affect the cost of installing mezzanine racks are:

  •  Warehouse area: The size of the mezzanine rack depends on the warehouse area. Larger mezzanine racks, which can hold heavier loads, require higher material and production costs.
  •  Load capacity: The higher the load capacity of the mezzanine rack, the thicker and stronger materials are needed, leading to increased costs.
  •  Installation materials: The price of steel materials may vary at different times, which can significantly impact the cost of installing a mezzanine rack system. Additionally, high-quality steel, stainless steel, electrostatic powder-coated, or hot-dip galvanized steel will be more expensive than regular steel mezzanine racks.

To accurately calculate the cost of installing mezzanine racks, Au Viet Rack will conduct a survey and provide a technical drawing based on the characteristics and size of your warehouse.

Sample of mezzanine racks installed by Au Viet RackSample of mezzanine racks installed by Au Viet Rack

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With the advantage of being a direct manufacturer and supplier without intermediaries, the cost of mezzanine racks at Au Viet Rack is always reasonable and competitive. Additionally, our long-term warranty policy will give customers peace of mind when choosing us.

If you need consultation and installation of mezzanine racks, please contact us immediately for quick support. With our experience in implementing various projects, Au Viet Rack commits to providing the most cost-effective storage solutions for you.

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