Discover The Investment Cost Of Cantilever Racking

Cantilever Racking belong to heavy-duty storage solutions for oversized and unevenly shaped goods, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. In this article, let's explore the features of this rack type and refer to the investment cost of Cantilever Racking to help you make an informed storage solution choice.

Kệ tay đỡ chứa hàngCantilever Racking for steel pipe storage

What is a Cantilever Racking?

A Cantilever Racking is a specialized type of rack designed to store bulky and long-sized goods such as pipes, steel materials, wooden boards, and sheet metal. With a high load-bearing capacity ranging from 1000-6000 kg per level, it enables efficient arrangement and optimization of warehouse space.

Key Features of Cantilever Racking

  •  Versatility: Suitable for various industries such as industrial warehouses, construction sites, and outdoor storage facilities.
  •  Diverse storage capacity: Capable of storing bulky and oversized goods of up to 6 meters in length.
  •  Adjustable and flexible arm design: Allows for customization and additional arms based on specific requirements.
  •  Direct accessibility: Goods can be accessed either by forklifts or manually for loading and unloading.
  •  Pallet-free storage: Items can be directly placed on the rack without the need for additional pallets, resulting in cost savings.

Kệ tay đỡ chứa vật liệuCantilever Racking for material storage

  •  A spacious aisle ensures easy movement for forklifts, minimizing collisions while navigating through the rack lanes.
  •  The 100% accessibility to the goods facilitates swift inbound and outbound processes.
  •  The goods are stored on sturdy support arms with a high load-bearing capacity of up to 6000 kg per level.

The investment cost of Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racking is designed to fit the size, characteristics of the warehouse, and the load of the stored goods. During the research process, you will wonder how much it costs to invest in a Cantilever racking. Each Cantilever racking model will have a different price, below is the price list of Cantilever racking from Au Viet Rack for you to refer.

The price list of Cantilever Racking A The price list of Cantilever Racking A - Au Viet Rack

The price list of Cantilever Racking B
The price list of Cantilever Racking B - Au Viet Rack

The price list of Cantilever Racking C
The price list of Cantilever Racking C - Au Viet Rack

The price list of Cantilever Racking D
The price list of Cantilever Racking D - Au Viet Rack

(The cost includes delivery and instruction fees in Ho Chi Minh City. VAT is not included.

(*) Note: The cost is only for reference and includes some commonly used models of Cantilever Racking. The cost may vary depending on actual conditions and customer requirements.

To receive accurate consultation and pricing for your warehouse, please contact us for the fastest support.

Key considerations when investing in Cantilever Racking

  •  Choose a rack that suits the intended use.

If your warehouse stores long and bulky items, then Cantilever Racking are the most suitable choice.

In addition, you can choose between single-sided or double-sided cantilever rack structures based on your loading and available warehouse space requirements.

Kệ tay đỡ chứa vật liệu xây dựngCantilever Racking for construction material storage

  •  Select a reputable supplier and installer of racks.

To ensure that Cantilever Racking operates well and safely during usage, it is advisable to choose a reputable rack supplier in the market. Moreover, the installation schedule should be specifically committed to avoid any delays in business operations.

Avoid selecting excessively cheap options, as they may not meet quality standards and could pose risks to assets and personnel.

  •  Characteristics of size and load capacity of goods.

Determining the load capacity of goods helps to choose the appropriate cantilever rack system for storage needs, avoiding situations where the rack is not capable of carrying the load, which can be dangerous, or carrying excess load, resulting in wasted investment budget.

Select a reputable Cantilever Racking manufacturer

Kệ tay đỡ au viet rackCantilever Racking of Au Viet Rack

As a direct manufacturer and construction of various types of racking system, Pallets, etc., providing storage solutions for both large and small businesses, Au Viet Rack commits to providing quality products and satisfying services to our customers.

Understanding the concerns of many customers about the cost of investing in storage racks, Au Viet Rack guarantees to advise and assist customers in completing their storage and organization systems with the most cost-effective solutions while ensuring product quality.

You can completely trust in choosing racking system at Au Viet Rack because:

  •  The racks are made from high-quality steel, coated with electrostatic paint to protect the surface from corrosion, rust, and increase product lifespan.
  •  Tailored advice based on customer needs, proposing efficient options that reduce investment costs.
  •  Our team consists of skilled staff and technicians with expertise and experience in implementing numerous projects.
  •  Long-term warranty and maintenance policies.

Hope the information above will help you get the investment cost of Cantilever Racking and choose the suitable rack for your needs. If you need consultation of a storage rack system for your warehouse, please contact us for quick support.

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