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Dismantling, relocation and installation of all types of warehouse racking nationwide. Regardless of the brand of racking manufacturer brand, long-distance shipping is accepted.
Maintaining the racking system is a job that needs to be done periodically to ensure the quality of the shelves and safety during use.

In addition to the field of manufacturing many types of racking, pallets, industrial floors and industrial products, Au Viet Rack also provides other services to support problems that arise with warehouse racking after a long time of use.

For Au Viet Rack, producing high quality products to meet customer needs is not enough. We always want to stand side by side with businesses throughout the process of using the product and are ready to support when any problems occur. Therefore, we offer you two main services: dismantling, relocating, installing racking and maintaining the warehouse racking system.

Dismantling, relocation and racking installation services support businesses nationwide that need to relocate warehouses or change the purpose of warehouse use. Knowledgeable about most types of storage racking from light to heavy loads, Au Viet Rack confidently undertakes the relocation, dismantling, and installation of racking for you in the quickest and most professional way.

Warehouse racking system maintenance services are very popular for heavy-duty racking products. Knowing that the lifespan of these types of racking is very long, but because they are used to store heavy goods, regular maintenance is necessary to ensure safety when used. Regular maintenance helps prevent the risk of serious damage or even racking collapse accidents, ensuring the safety of warehouse staff as well as goods on the racking.

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