Standard Mezzanine Floor Installation Procedure And Mezzanine Floor Operation

The mezzanine floor is used to increase the storage area of ​​the warehouse many times. The mezzanine floor needs to be well loaded to accommodate heavy goods. To ensure that, businesses will need to pay attention to the installation process and how to use the mezzanine floor properly, thereby making full use of the strengths of the mezzanine floor. Let's find out with Au Viet Rack right in the article below!

How to install the mezzanine floor - Au Viet Rack

Structure of mezzanine floor

Before going into the installation, Au Viet Rack will briefly introduce the product details so that you can better understand the mezzanine floor, as well as be more proactive in monitoring the installation process. The mezzanine floor includes the following main components:

  •  Upright post: Bear the main load of the whole mezzanine floor system.
  •  Connecting bar: Linking floor pillars into a combination to help increase the rigidity of the pillar.
  •  Main beam: Linked with the pier to form floor cells, preventing displacement of the pier and transmitting the load to the pier.
  •  Support beam: Links the main beams, transferring the load to the main girder.
  •  Tole panel: The bearing area of ​​the floor.
  •  Beam connection: Helps the auxiliary beam to connect with the floor pillar and transmit the load to the pillar.
  •  Handrail: Ensure the safety of goods and people when on and under the floor.
  •  Pat: Increases the stability of the pole, dispersing the force of the row to the ground.
  •  Stairs: work as the main way to move up and down between floors of the mezzanine floor system.

Structure of mezzanine floor - Au Viet RackStructure of mezzanine floor

In addition, some businesses also have the need to install more pallet gates to make it easier to import and export heavy goods on the floor (in case the business needs to store heavy goods on the floor).

Installation process of mezzanine floor

  •  Step 1: The supplier delivers the parts and components of the mezzanine floor to the customer's warehouse and gathers the goods at the location specified by the customer. The gathering place should have a roof to ensure that components are not affected by rain or sunlight.
  •  Step 2: Move the components into the warehouse by forklift, hand pallet truck or manually. Move carefully to avoid causing injury to people and facilities..
  •  Step 3: Determine the installation location by approved design drawings, can mark the installation location to avoid confusion and errors.
  •  Step 4: Install upright post.
  •  Step 5: Build the mezzanine floor frame by connecting the main beams, support beam and upright post together with hooks and bolts.
  •  Step 6: Install the stairs on the floor according to the designed position.
  •  Step 7: Align the mezzanine floor frame to match the drawing.
  •  Step 8: Tighten the connecting bolts of the main beams, the support beam and bolts of the upright post.
  •  Step 9: Shoot the bolt anchor at the positions where the upright post is in contact with the floor of the warehouse.
  •  Step 10: Install the tole panel, align and install it links to the floor frame.

Installation process of mezzanine floors - Au Viet RackInstall the tole panel for the mezzanine floor system

  •  Step 11: Install the guardrail (handrail) on the mezzanine floor.
  •  Step 12: Clean up after completing the assembly of the mezzanine floor. General check to see if there are any redundancies and whether the mezzanine floor has reached its stability.

How to install mezzanine floor - Au Viet RackClean up after finishing installation

  •  Step 13: The investor conducts an acceptance test and load test by loading the goods on the mezzanine floor. If detecting errors or unsatisfactory requirements, the investor has the right to request repair. After the acceptance process is over, Au Viet Rack will hand it over to the customer.

How to install the most standard mezzanine floor - Au Viet RackThe mezzanine floor has been completed and handed over

Notes when installing the mezzanine floor

  •  It is necessary to carefully check the warehouse foundation before installation to see if it has enough load capacity
  •  Strictly comply with the agreed design drawings.
  •  Do not use other foreign parts to install on the mezzanine floor. If parts are to be replaced or additional components are installed, the supplier should be consulted.

How to install mezzanine floor from A to Z - Au Viet RackComponents need to be used in accordance with the supplier's regulations

  •  Because this is a mezzanine floor containing heavy goods, the assembly team needs to have high expertise to avoid collapsing floors that endanger users and damage goods.
  •  It is not allowed to replace mezzanine floor parts with those that do not have the same function.
  •  Ensure compliance with regulations on fire protection for the entire mezzanine floor system.

How to operate the mezzanine floor

The main method of picking up goods is by forklift, hand pallet truck or by hand. How to use the mezzanine platform as follows:

  •  For goods placed on the ground floor: heavy packages will be placed on pallets, placed directly on the ground or placed on the storage system (if any). Forklifts will be used to lift goods in and out of the warehouse. Light goods will be unloaded by hand forklift or by hand.
  •  For goods placed on the floor:
    •  Medium-heavy packages when there is a need to export will be moved by hand pallet truck to the pallet gate The forklift will drive to the pallet gate location and unload the pallet. The import process is the opposite.
    •  Light packages will be manually unloaded by staff and moved by stairs integrated with the mezzanine floor.

How to operate the mezzanine floor - Use the mezzanine floor properlyHeavy goods on the ground floor can be moved using a forklift

Notes when operating mezzanine floors

The load of goods and items stored on the floor must always be less than or equal to the allowable load per square meter to keep people and goods safe.
If the pallet gate is used for the mezzanine floor, it must be closed immediately after the goods are imported and exported so that no human damage occurs.
If the mezzanine floor system is found to have problems or deformation, it should be reported to the supplier immediately. Consider purchasing a periodic maintenance plan to ensure maximum safety during use.

How to operate the mezzanine floor - Use the mezzanine floor properly

Above is the basic mezzanine floor installation procedure and how to operate the mezzanine floor. Au Viet Rack hopes that this article will be useful to you. If you still have questions about mezzanine floors, please contact us immediately for advice or refer to the price list of mezzanine mezzanine floors. Au Viet Rack always wants to bring the best value to customers.

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