What Is A Galvanized Steel Pallet? Advantages And Disadvantages Of Galvanized Steel Pallets

Steel pallets are a device that plays an important role in warehouses, supporting the fixation of goods and accelerating the speed of moving goods by forklift. In addition to high hardness and very good bearing capacity, steel pallets also have extremely high durability. This durability not only depends on the steel material but also depends on the pallet surface treatment. Among them, galvanized steel pallets are one of the most popular forms of surface treatment today. Let's learn about galvanized steel pallets with Au Viet Rack in the following article!

What are galvanized steel pallets?

Galvanized steel pallets are steel pallets covered with zinc on the surface. This zinc layer plays a role in protecting the metal surface of the pallet against oxidizing agents in the external environment. Although steel and steel material brings great rigidity and bearing capacity to pallets, it is very susceptible to rust after a period of use. Therefore, surface treatment of steel pallets is also a very important part of the production process. The following are the most common galvanizing methods today.

Au Viet Rack galvanized steel pallets Steel pallets need surface protection to avoid rust

Galvanizing methods for steel pallets

Electrolytic galvanizing (cold galvanizing)

This is a method of spraying a solution containing over 92% liquid zinc at normal temperature onto the surface of a steel pallet using strong pressure. This method is similar to the conventional painting process.

Hot dipped galvanized

Hot-dip galvanizing is the most optimal galvanizing method today and is very popular in the production of steel pallets. The hot-dip galvanizing process is very strict and methodical to create the highest quality zinc coating for steel pallets.

Hot-dip galvanized steel pallets Au Viet Rack Hot-dip galvanized steel pallets

The steel pallet will have its surface completely cleaned, then dipped into a bath containing molten zinc at high temperature. Part of the surface of the steel pallet will melt due to the heat of the zinc tank, thanks to which the zinc layer will adhere very tightly to the surface and cover the entire outer and inner surface of the pallet. Dipping time will depend on the thickness of the zinc layer that the customer desires.
The hot-dip galvanizing process for steel pallets is as follows:

Hot dip galvanizing process for steel pallets Hot-dip galvanizing pallets requires many steps

Compare cold galvanized and hot dip galvanized steel pallets

Both methods are effective in preventing rust and corrosion for pallets in harsh environments such as corrosive environments, high humidity, outdoor use, etc. However, each method has its own disadvantages. Specific advantages and disadvantages are as follows:

Compare cold galvanizing and hot dip galvanizing methods Comparison table between two galvanizing methods

Reasons to use galvanized steel pallets in storing goods

  •  Prevents moisture and mold on goods because steel pallets keep packages from putting directly on the ground.
  •  Absolutely sturdy, not brittle or easy to break.
  •  Can withstand heavy goods up to several tons on a pallet.
  •  Can be used in warehouses with very cold or very hot temperatures.

Galvanized pallets - galvanized steel pallets Galvanized steel pallets can be used in all environments

  •  Galvanized steel pallets are completely mold-free, water-resistant, and easy to clean.
  •  Good impact resistance when in use.
  •  Non-flammable, reducing the risk of fire in the warehouse.
  •  The cost of steel materials can be recovered after selling steel pallets that can no longer be used.
  •  The disadvantage of galvanized steel pallets is that they are very heavy and the investment cost is also higher than other types of pallet materials. However, compared to long-term durability, this is still a pallet worth investing in.

Disadvantages of galvanized steel pallets Galvanized steel pallets are suitable for long-term investment

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Note when choosing to buy galvanized steel pallets

  •  Based on usage needs, businesses need to choose a suitable galvanizing method to save time and money.
  •  If a business only needs to use steel pallets for a short period of time (2-5 years), they can choose the cold galvanizing method to save costs. For businesses that need to maximize budget savings, cold galvanized steel pallets can also be used, as long as there is a reasonable periodic galvanizing inspection and painting plan.
  •  If a business needs to use steel pallets for a long time (over 10 years), in harsh environments and does not want to have to regularly maintain and repaint pallets, the hot-dip galvanizing method will be most suitable.
  •  Choose a reputable steel pallet manufacturer to ensure steel pallets have high perfection and aesthetics with quality steel materials.

What should you keep in mind when buying galvanized steel pallets?

Hopefully after this article, you can better understand galvanized steel pallets and make the most reasonable decision for your business. Please contact us immediately for more detailed advice or immediately refer to the price list of galvanized steel pallets. Proud to be one of the leading quality steel pallet manufacturing companies in Vietnam meeting ISO 9001:2015 standards, Au Viet Rack always wants to bring the best quality products at reasonable prices, worthy of your business investment.

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