Guidance System For VNA Racking - How To Operate VNA Racking In The Warehouse

When choosing racking in warehouses, businesses not only hesitate about the features of all types of racking but also have to consider many other aspects when they want to apply racking into the warehouse. In particular, VNA racking is known as a high density storage solution with very narrow aisles. So what to do to make the load and unload process in the warehouse smoothly without collision? Let's find out with Au Viet Rack in the following article.

Guidance system for VNA - Au Viet Rack racking VNA racking have very narrow aisles

Features of VNA racking

VNA racking (Very Narrow Aisle Racking) is a kind of pallet rack commonly used in many warehouses that store heavy goods. VNA racking has great advantages because of the ability to access goods up to 100%.
If it comes to optimal access to goods, everyone will think that it will not take full advantage of storage spaces. However, VNA racking overcomes this disadvantage thanks to the layout to narrow the aisle. Therefore, this type of rack increases the storage density of 30-50%, much more than Selective racking - the most popular warehouse racking today.

What is VNA rack - Au Viet Rack VNA rack helps increase storage density

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To load and unload goods on VNA racking, the use of specialized forklifts is essential. This is also the drawback of this type of rack because the price of VNA forklifts is quite high.
So how can forklifts move smoothly between racking rows without causing a collision? The secret lies in a special guidance system for the VNA rack warehouse.

Guidance system for VNA - Au Viet Rack racking VNA forklift is moved by a guidance system

Types of guidance systems for VNA racking

The guidance system helps forklifts to keep a safe distance to ensure that the goods and racking are not damaged. In addition, it also helps the forklift driver to lift the cabin and move at the same time.
There are two types of guidance for VNA rack systems, which are mechanical guidance system and inductive guidance system.

Mechanical guidance system (rail guidance system)

In this guidance system, the VNA truck is fitted with two guide rollers on each side. Steel profiles mounted on both sides of the aisle always hold the truck in the middle of the aisle

Rail guidance system for VNA racking - Au Viet Rack Mechanical guidance system for VNA racking

Advantages of mechanical guidance system:

  •  Is the simplest and easiest solution.
  •  Rails have a simple structure.
  •  No regular maintenance, the repair process is also easy.
  •  Allow forklifts to run at maximum speed.
  •  Save investment costs for medium and small scale warehouses.
  •  The width of the aisles is minimized.

L-shaped guidance rail of VNA racking The rail guidance VNA racking is L-shaped

Disadvantages of mechanical guidance system: It is impossible to automate the process of loading and unloading goods by forklifts.

Inductive guidance system (wire guidance system)

This is a guidance that does not need to use barriers that are widely used today. The induction current is installed under the warehouse floor, so it can be replaced well for mechanical guidance systems.
To do this, people will install a negative wire under the floor to form a path for forklifts. The wire is fed by a frequency generator with high-frequency alternating current (low voltage). This creates an alternating electromagnetic field. Your VNA truck is equipped with one antenna each at the front and rear in order to detect the generated magnetic field. From there, the forklift will move along the magnetic field that it can detect.

Wire guidance system for VNA racking - Au Viet Rack Inductive guidance system for VNA racking

There are two kinds of layout to form a forklift guidance, which is single-loop system with separate return line and multi-loop system.

Single-loop system with separate return line - Au Viet Rack Single-loop system with separate return line for VNA racking

Multi-loop system - Au Viet Rack Multi-loop system for VNA racking

Advantages of the induction guidance system:

  •  No need to use barriers.
  •  In an emergency, it is still possible to use a hand lift to get the goods without colliding barriers like when using a mechanical guidance system.
  •  Do not worn out after years thanks to the non-contact guidance method.
  •  Follow the moving process easily with just one button with a monitoring assistant system.
  •  Easy to clean the aisles between the rack without being hindered.
  •  For large warehouses, the investment in the induction guidance system will be cheaper than the mechanical guidance system.

Wire guidance system brings many benefits - Au Viet Rack The inductive wire guidance system brings many benefits

Disadvantages of the induction guidance system:

  •  It is necessary to affect the warehouse floor to install the wire under the floor.
  •  The aisle requirement is about 1 meter wider than when using mechanical guidance systems, so the density of storage in the warehouse will decrease.

How does VNA operate?

The operation of VNA racking is not difficult and does not need a highly specialized forklift driver. The following are the basic load and unload steps:

  •  Step 1: The goods are placed neatly on the pallet containing the goods.
  •  Step 2: Use a dedicated forklift for VNA racking, lift the pallet moving into the aisle between the racking. Put the pallet on the rack at the position needed to be stored.
  •  Step 3: When you need to unload the goods, use forklifts to move directly to the location to get the goods and lift the pallet on the forklift.
  •  When loading goods, forklifts only go one way on each path because the forklift cannot turn around.

 Operate VNA racking with mechanical guidance system (Railway guidance system)

 Operate VNA racking with induction guidance system (Wire guidance system)

In order to maximize the efficiency of load and unload, businesses need to consider the size of the warehouse and investment funding to choose the most appropriate guidance system for their warehouses. If you have any questions about choosing warehouse racking, please leave information to us or refer to the price list of VNA rack.

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