How Much Does A Mold Rack Cost?

To store various types of molds, spare parts, and heavy-duty engines, many businesses have invested in mold rack systems for efficient and safer storage. So, what are the characteristics of this type of rack? How much does a mold rack cost? Let's explore and refer to the price list of mold racks through the following article with Au Viet Rack.

What is a mold rack? Outstanding features of the mold rack

A mold rack is a type of heavy-duty rack designed specifically to accommodate molds, including plastic molds, metal molds, or various types of engines, in the warehouses of businesses in the mechanical, shipbuilding, mold storage, automotive manufacturing, footwear, and other industries.

kệ khuôn au viet rack
Kệ khuôn Au Viet Rack

The rack is made from high-strength steel material and subsequently coated with electrostatic paint to prevent rusting and provide optimal protection for the rack's surface.

The structure of the mold rack system is robust, with the ability to bear a load of up to 2000 kg per shelf. Each shelf is designed with handles for easy operation, combined with sliding rails for smooth pulling out and pushing in, regardless of the heavy load of the mold cargo.

To ensure the quality of molds, minimize collisions during movement, and ensure the safety of workers in the workshop, using mold racks is the most effective and optimal solution.

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Mold rack price list at Au Viet Rack


What to consider when investing in a mold rack system in the warehouse?

Mold racks help safely store molds, while also facilitating easy inspection and regular maintenance for the molds. However, to achieve optimal storage efficiency, attention needs to be paid to various factors.

Kiểm tra vận hành kệ khuôn
Kiểm tra vận hành kệ khuôn

  •  Load Capacity

Determining the load capacity of the mold cargo is an extremely crucial step in selecting a rack system that meets storage needs. If the rack does not meet the load capacity requirements, it can pose a safety risk, leading to rack collapse and affecting the quality of molds as well as the safety of workers during operation.

  •  Warehouse size and characteristics

Measuring and surveying factors such as environmental conditions, floor load-bearing capacity, etc., are essential to ensure safety in the storage process.

It is advisable to design racks with a load capacity that aligns with the floor's load-bearing capability to avoid issues like subsidence, rack collapse, causing harm to individuals and goods.

Kệ khuôn Au Viet Rack trong kho hàngKệ khuôn Au Viet Rack trong kho hàng

  •  Choosing a reputable supply and installation unit

Reputable suppliers in the market will provide quality products and services. Some considerations customers should pay attention to when choosing a supplier for mold rack supply and installation include the professional qualifications of the technical team, commitments regarding project timelines, warranty policies, maintenance, and reasonable pricing.

Where to buy mold racks at a good price, custom-designed

In addition to meeting basic requirements for dimensions, load capacity, and materials, the rack system also needs to have a suitable design to save space and facilitate the arrangement of products.

With experience in implementing numerous projects in the warehouses of various businesses, Au Viet Rack will provide the most optimal storage solution and cost savings for customers.

Au Viet Rack lắp đặt kệ khuônĐội ngũ nhân viên Au Viet Rack lắp đặt kệ khuôn

All products are manufactured from high-quality materials such as stainless steel and galvanized steel. For each project, Au Viet Rack conducts a thorough survey of the warehouse's current state and then proposes a design drawing that best suits the customer's needs.

Au Viet Rack's professional staff, specialized expertise, and high-level craftsmanship are sure to bring satisfaction to customers, both in terms of products and services, helping to save time in organizing goods in the warehouse.

With the information provided, it is hoped that you now have a clearer understanding of the characteristics of mold racks and an estimate of the cost involved in investing in a mold rack system for your warehouse. If you have the need for mold rack installation, please contact us for quick advice and support.

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