A Guide To Organize Items On A Pallet

Organizing items on a pallet plays a crucial role in the transportation and storage of goods. Properly organizing them can maximize the pallet's load capacity, safeguard the goods, and mitigate unwanted risks that could result in losses for businesses. Let's explore various ways to organize goods on a pallet in the article below, with Au Viet Rack.

organizing goods on palletsOrganizing goods on pallets

Why is it necessary to organize goods on pallets correctly?

When arranged systematically, goods are protected from incidents such as breakage, collisions that can lead to damage, and impacts on product quality. Simultaneously, it helps to minimize the risk of accidents and enhances safety during transportation.

In a time when the cost of real estate and warehousing is continually rising, how to use storage space efficiently is a top priority for many businesses. Stacking goods on pallets correctly allows for the storage of more goods in the same space, saving storage rental costs.

How to stack items on palletHow to stack items on pallet

The process of transporting goods becomes more manageable when packing goods on a pallet is done correctly. Securely fixing and arranging the cargo on pallets allows for quick loading and unloading by forklifts, thereby expediting the flow of goods in and out and enhancing operational efficiency for businesses.

How to organize goods on pallets according to the latest standards?

Goods are typically packed in carton boxes to ensure quality and limit product damage. Below are the two most commonly used methods for stacking carton boxes on pallets in warehouses today.

Stacking goods on pallets in a Column format

Carton boxes are stacked closely on top of each other, forming columns. In this arrangement, the weight of the cargo is evenly distributed at the four corners of the carton boxes (which are the strongest load-bearing points). As a result, the pallet can carry heavy loads while maintaining its durability.

However, with this type of stacking, carton boxes may be prone to tipping over during transportation due to the lack of interlocking between the columns of goods. Therefore, it is necessary to securely bind and fasten the cargo.

How to stacking goods on a pallet correctly?How to stack goods on a pallet correctly?

Interlock stacking

Carton boxes are stacked in an interlocking manner, creating a sturdy structure that is less prone to tipping over during transportation.

When stacking goods in an interlock fashion, the weight of the cargo is concentrated in the center of the carton boxes, so it is important to use high-quality boxes.

6 Principles to Follow When Organizing Goods on a Pallet

Place heavy items at the bottom

Stacking heavier items at the bottom with lighter items on top helps lower the center of gravity for the entire load. The heavy items serve as a stable and secure base, reducing the risk of shifting or tipping during transportation. This arrangement also prevents the lighter items from being crushed or deformed.

Avoid overhang

One important consideration when palletizing goods is to ensure that the cargo remains within the confines of the pallet. In some cases, there might be a desire to maximize the pallet's load capacity by extending goods beyond the allowable range. However, this can lead to carton edges getting damaged or affecting the quality of the products inside. Additionally, overhanging cargo can complicate the transportation process by exceeding maximum shipping dimensions and causing forklifts to be unable to move the pallet swiftly.

Avoid pyramid stacking

Pyramid stacking is a common practice when dealing with items of various sizes, where smaller carton boxes are stacked on top, gradually narrowing the load toward the top.

Avoid stacking goods in a pyramid fashionAvoid stacking goods in a pyramid fashion

This type of stacking doesn't provide the necessary stability, making it easier for the goods to tip over. It also complicates the process of securing the carton boxes, and if the smaller boxes on top are not properly fastened, there is a risk of breakage and damage to the cargo.

Stacking with brick-laying style

If the carton boxes storing the goods have similar dimensions, the brick-laying style of stacking is the most efficient method for maximizing the space and load capacity of the pallet.

When stacking multiple layers of goods on top of each other, you should vary the orientation of the carton boxes to increase the connection and stability of the load, making the transportation of goods easier and safer.

Avoid stacking goods too high on the pallet

The higher you stack goods, the less stability you have, and the higher the risk of tipping over. The maximum height when loading goods onto a pallet according to current international standards is 1.6 meters (measured from the ground to the highest point of the cargo), with this height, forklift operators can safely handle the pallet without obstructing their visibility.

Do not use damaged pallets

Continuing to use pallets that show signs of damage, such as cracks, warping, or rust, can lead to serious issues related to the safety of the cargo and the operators handling the pallets. When a pallet no longer meets the required quality standards or exhibits any damage, it is best to contact pallet suppliers for repair or invest in new ones.

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Methods to safeguard goods on pallets

To enhance stability and ensure the safety of goods during transportation, in addition to adhering to pallet packing guidelines, many businesses are increasingly opting for protective methods such as PE stretch film, protective straps, and reusable net wraps.

PE Stretch Film

PE film is a widely used solution today due to its high versatility, easy availability, and user-friendliness.

PE wrap for protecting goods on a palletPE wrap for protecting goods on a pallet

Depending on the specific needs, for example, with smaller-sized goods, hand wrapping may be chosen for ease of adjustment. For larger-sized goods, a machine-wrapped PE film can be used to save time and effort.

Protective fabric straps and belts

Pallet protective strapsPallet protective straps

Using fabric straps to secure goods on the pallet in a manner that ensures thorough strapping in all directions of the pallet. Corner protectors can be used to prevent the straps from affecting the goods during transportation. Fabric straps are reusable and environmentally friendly compared to PE stretch film.

Reusable protective net wrap

Can be used multiple times with a lifespan of up to 5 years. Pallet net wraps have become a choice for many businesses to replace single-use PE stretch film in order to protect goods safely.

The above are methods for organizing goods on pallets and some important principles for safeguarding goods. Depending on the size of the goods and the characteristics of the pallet, you can choose an appropriate method for arranging goods to facilitate the transportation process and optimize warehouse space.

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