The Revealing Of Effective And Durable Usage Of Steel Pallets

Investing in steel pallets demands a significant cost. How to use steel pallets effectively is a common question for many businesses. In this article, Au Viet Rack will reveal the proper usage and storage of steel pallets to help you prolong the lifespan of steel pallets.

How to Properly Use Steel PalletsHow to properly use steel pallets

The benefits of using steel pallets for storage

Increasingly popular, steel pallets offer the following benefits:

  •  Protect goods from moisture, mold, and dirt from the ground.
  •  Goods are systematically and scientifically organized and classified.
  •  Transport large quantities of goods in each move without worrying about breakage or damage to the merchandise.
  •  Long-lasting usability; high-quality steel pallets can have a lifespan of over 10 years when used and maintained correctly.
  •  High stability, steel pallets are less prone to damage during use, resulting in lower maintenance or replacement costs.

How to properly use steel pallets

  •  Choosing the Right Type of Steel Pallet

The key factor is selecting the appropriate type of steel pallet for your storage needs. Some considerations include size and the design of the pallet, which should align with the intended usage.

Stackable Steel Pallets Help Optimize SpaceStackable steel pallets help optimize space

For small-sized goods, using mesh pallets or steel crate pallets can prevent items from falling or getting lost during transportation.

Additionally, stackable pallets with multiple layers can save space, making them suitable for small warehouses or places where installing large-scale storage racks is not feasible.

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  •  Properly allocate goods

Goods should be securely fastened to avoid protrusion beyond the pallet frame, which can lead to the risk of items falling off. This not only prevents collisions that could damage the goods but also safeguards the safety of workers in the warehouse.

  •  Handle with care during transportation

Pallets containing goods are often quite heavy, typically ranging from 500 to 3000 kg per pallet. Therefore, handling, stacking, and transportation should be carried out with care to minimize collisions that could deform the pallets.

Steel Pallets at Au Viet Rack Manufacturing FacilitySteel pallets at Au Viet Rack manufacturing facility

How to Safely Stack Steel Pallets

Principles of steel pallet storage for goods

  •  Friction requirements

Over time, with prolonged use and the bearing of heavy cargo, the friction coefficient of steel pallets may decrease, affecting the adhesion on the surface of the pallet. Therefore, it's important to monitor the friction coefficient of steel pallets to prevent situations where goods might slip off the pallet during movement.

  •  Load capacity of steel pallets

Steel pallets are capable of handling heavy loads, and the load-bearing specifications may vary depending on the design of the steel pallet. Adhering to the permissible load capacity when using steel pallets for storing goods helps maintain the pallet's durability, preventing warping or deformation.

Au Viet Rack's Powder-Coated Steel Pallet Model with a Load Capacity of 2500 kg per PalletAu Viet Rack's powder-coated steel pallet model with a load capacity of 2500 kg per pallet

  •  Sturdiness of steel pallets

Steel pallets, made from high-quality steel materials, possess excellent sturdiness and can accommodate large quantities of goods, facilitating swift goods circulation. Continuous use of steel pallets for heavy loads may lead to deformation, so it's important to pay attention to the rigidity of steel pallets and perform maintenance promptly.

  •  Regular cleaning and maintenance

Steel pallets have superior durability and are less prone to damage compared to wooden or plastic pallets. However, regular cleaning and maintenance of steel pallets should not be overlooked to ensure the best quality and operational functionality of the steel pallets.

These are the ways to use and maintain steel pallets. Additionally, to avoid excessive costs for frequent maintenance and repairs, it's advisable to choose reputable steel pallet manufacturers to provide high-quality products.

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