Application Of Pallet Flow Rack In Warehouse And Things To Notice

In the current technological era, the automation of processes in the warehouse is also gradually getting more attention. This is also a relatively new market, businesses need to consider carefully to choose the type of warehouse racking to meet that need. Among the types of automatic storage racking, The Pallet Flow Rack is known for being smart and simple to operate. Let's find out with Au Viet Rack to find out which warehouse is suitable for the Pallet Flow Rack!

Application of Pallet Flow Rack in warehouses

Distinguish between Pallet Flow Rack and Carton Flow Rack

Before entering the main content, Au Viet Rack wants to clarify more about the types of Flow Rack. Currently, there are only a few places to distinguish these types of rack. In fact, there are two main types of Flow Rack, which are Pallet Flow Rack and Carton Flow Rack. The two types of rack have the same structure but have different applications.

  •  Pallet Flow Rack has a higher space between rack’s levels, allowing large-sized goods to be stored by pallets. This type of racking allows for the storage of heavy loads.
  •  Carton Flow Rack is specialized for storing small and light goods, usually packed in carton boxes, so the distance between the levels is low.

In this article, Au Viet Rack will talk about the application of Pallet Flow Rack

Factors to consider when choosing to buy Pallet Flow Rack

Storage density

Pallet Flow Rack is one of the heavy duty racks that help optimize warehouse space. Similar to Radio Shuttle racking, Pallet Flow Rack utilizes 70-80% of the warehouse floor space.
Pallet Flow Rack is arranged close together, completely eliminating the aisle for forklifts in between rows of racks. The allowable depth of each rack’s level reaches 18 pallets.

High density goods storage with Pallet Flow Rack
High density goods storage with Pallet Flow Rack

Load and unload demand

Managing goods on racks is easy with the FIFO principle (first in, first out). This means that the rack is suitable for storing both products with a short shelf life or a long shelf life.
The push of pallets towards the output way of the Pallet Flow Rack helps the items that are entered first to be used sooner. As a result, businesses will save on the cost of throwing away the expired products or liquidation costs.

Pallet Flow Rack for warehouses that manage goods according to the FIFO principle
Pallet Flow Rack for warehouses that manage goods according to the FIFO principle

Type of goods and packing method

Products with a short shelf life, packed in a box shape and with a heavy weight are the main types of goods stored on the Pallet Flow Rack. This type of racking can hold goods weighing from 500 kg up to 2000 kg per pallet.
Storing a variety of goods (SKUs) is possible when using Pallet Flow Rack. However, each lane is only allowed to store one uniform item to easily control inventory and avoid confusion when picking up goods.

Pallet Flow Rack is suitable for short shelf lifePallet Flow Rack is suitable for short shelf life products

Pick-up method when using the Pallet Flow Rack

The main method of picking up goods is conventional forklifts. Thanks to the advantage of Pallet Flow Rack that automatically pushes the goods to the picking side, the forklift only needs to move at the top of the lanes to take out the goods. This helps to shorten the picking process and minimize the collision between the forklift and the rack.

Investment and operating costs

As for the initial investment cost, the cost of Pallet Flow Rack is much higher than other warehouse racking systems with the same load. The reason is that each rack’s levels must be equipped with rollers, so businesses will spend a lot of money on this part. The roller part on the rack is a bit difficult to clean and also needs regular maintenance to ensure good operation.
In return, the process of loading and unloading goods can be done simultaneously and very quickly, so businesses will save time, labor costs and forklift fuel.

High initial investment cost but save operating costsHigh initial investment cost but save operating costs

Pallet Flow Rack allows storing a variety of pallet types, so it will minimize the cost of synchronous pallet investment. In addition, not requiring specialized forklifts is also a plus point in terms of reducing investment costs for businesses.

>>> Learn more about structural features, technical drawings and specifications of Pallet Flow Rack

Application of Pallet Flow Rack in warehouses

Pallet Flow Racks suitable for all types of warehouses, especially cold storage. The reason is the cost to operate the cold storage is quite high, businesses will need to take advantage of radical space in the cold storage to store as much as possible, then, the high density Pallet Flow Rack will help businesses reduce quite a lot of costs.

In order for customers to know if their warehouse is compatible with the Pallet Flow Rack, Au Viet Rack will give some suggestions on the type of warehouse using this type of rack below:

The Pallet Flow Rack is applied in many different industries such as manufacturing, automotive technology, logistic, pharmacy products, short-limited limited products such as food, beverages, …

Pallet Flow Rack for spare parts storage
Pallet Flow Rack for spare parts storage

Pallet Flow Rack for Logistic warehousePallet Flow Rack for Logistic warehouse

Pallet Flow Rack store roll-shape goods
Pallet Flow Rack store roll-shape goods

Reasons to use Pallet Flow Rack

  •  Pallet Flow Racking is suitable for businesses that own small or medium warehouses, wishing to make full use of warehouse space.
  •  Goods are automatically piled up towards picking, making it easier to control inventory and speeding up the loading and unloading process.
  •  Safe operation: completely eliminate the forklift driving into the rack, so the risk of collision between the forklift and the rack is very low, and the goods will not be dropped. The deceleration device in the roller helps the goods not to roll too quickly, minimizing the damage and distortion of the pallet inside the rack.

 Pallet Flow Rack operate safely and intelligently
Pallet Flow Rack operate safely and intelligently

  •  Requires a lower level of expertise: compared to Radio Shuttle racks, both types of racks offer high storage density and automation in loading and unloading on the racks. However, the Pallet Flow Rack is very easy to use, the warehouse management process is also very simple, so it does not require the warehouse operator to understand much about machinery and electronic equipment. Forklift drivers also do not need to move the robot to the racks that need to be picked up, such as Radio Shuttle racking, which helps the picking process to happen faster.

Overall, Pallet Flow Rack is a smart solution for businesses that want to automate their warehouses. You need to know the price of this rack, you can refer the quotation right here or leave information for the most specific advice from Au Viet Rack. Au Viet Rack is very pleased to serve you!

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