Installation Process Of Carton Flow Rack

Carton flow rack are widely used in industrial warehouses, helping to maximize warehouse capacity by up to 80% and optimize the speed of goods flow. To effectively utilize and benefit from using carton flow racks, the rack system must be installed correctly to ensure proper operation. Let's explore the installation process of carton flow racks and some considerations when using them in the following article.

Carton flow rackCarton flow rack

What is carton flow rack?

Carton flow rack are commonly used in warehouses that store lightweight goods and are popular in industries such as manufacturing, automotive, logistics, and food industry.

Structure of carton flow rack

Structure of carton flow rackStructure of carton flow rack

Carton flow rack is designed with a slope to allow goods to slide automatically using the roller mechanism. The structure of a carton flow rack consists of two main parts: the static frame and the moving rollers. The basic components of the rack are as follows:

  •  Uprights: They play a role in bearing the main load of the rack system.
  •  Footplates: They increase stability for the uprights and distribute the force to the ground.
  •  Crossbars: They enhance the overall stability of the rack frame.
  •  Beams: They connect the two load-bearing uprights and serve as the placement area for cartons.
  •  Guide rails: They help guide the cartons along the rack.
  •  Rollers: They are the main component of the rack system and are responsible for moving the cartons along the rack.
  •  Carton stoppers: They keep the cartons fixed at the end of the rack.

Benefits of using carton flow rack

Installing carton flow racks helps save labor and operational time

Carton flow rack is designed with a slope, allowing goods to slide automatically under the influence of gravity. When items are loaded at a higher position, they will slide down to the picking area. As the outermost items are picked, the following items will automatically slide into the previous position, significantly saving time and effort in the process of goods flow.

Goods can move into the rack without employees having to reach deep into each rack aisle, reducing the risk of collisions that can damage the goods and pose a danger to the operators.

Installation process of carton flow rack

Steps for installing carton flow rack

  •  Step 1: Gather the components for carton flow rack installation at the designated location specified by the company. If the goods consolidation area is outdoors, ensure that the goods are properly protected from weather conditions.
  •  Step 2: Transfer the goods to the installation area using forklifts, trolleys, or by hand. Pay attention to safety regulations during the goods transfer process at the installation site.
  •  Step 3: Measure and layout the installation according to the agreed-upon drawing.
  •  Step 4: Install the Omega uprights.
  •  Step 5: Assemble the frame in the measured positions.
  •  Step 6: Install the beam according to the height of each level specified in the technical drawing.
  •  Step 7: Attach the roller tracks onto the beams in the designated positions.
  •  Step 8: Tighten all the bolts to secure the connections of the carton flow rack.
  •  Step 9: Clean the installation area and complete the construction.
  •  Step 10: Hand over the carton flow rack to the customer's side for inspection and load testing. If there are any issues with the installation or if the product quality does not meet the requirements, the  customer can request immediate repairs from the supplier.

Considerations during the installation of carton flow rack

Considerations when installing carton flow racksConsiderations when installing carton flow rack

Avoid self-installation: The racks should be installed by a team of trained technicians to prevent accidents during the installation process and ensure the quality of the racks for future use.

Conduct a thorough inspection of the rack system immediately after installation: After installation, perform a comprehensive check to ensure the stability and load-bearing capacity of the racks, ensuring proper functionality.

How to use carton flow rack safely?

Carton flow rack is designed to store lightweight goods. The lower levels of the racks can be accessed manually or with the use of step stools to reach higher positions.

Here are the key points to ensure safe and proper usage of carton flow rack:

  •  During goods intake: Consolidate the goods at the higher level of the racks. Start the intake process at the front of each rack aisle, and the goods will automatically slide inside with the help of the roller system.
  •  During goods retrieval: The goods retrieval process is carried out at the lower level of the racks. Begin by picking the outermost items, and the following items will slide down into the empty positions, allowing for continued picking without the need to enter each rack aisle.

By following these guidelines, the goods flow process can occur simultaneously, maximizing operational efficiency in the warehouse without causing interference. It provides convenience during operations.

How to use carton flow rack safelyHow to use carton flow rack safely

In addition, during the usage of the racks, please take note of the following:

  •  Adhere to the maximum load capacity of the rack system: To avoid risks of rack breakage or collapse due to excessive weight, it is important to check the load capacity of the rack system. Ensure that the stored goods are within the allowed weight limit to prevent hazards to the working personnel and damage to the goods.
  •  Perform regular maintenance of the racks, especially the roller system, to ensure smooth and safe operation. Regular maintenance helps keep the rollers functioning properly and avoids disruptions during the usage of the racks.
  •  If any abnormal signs are observed in the rack system, promptly notify the supplier for timely rectification and repairs.

These are the installation process of carton flow rack and some important considerations for safe usage. If you need more details about this type of rack, please contact Au Viet Rack for prompt consultation

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