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In addition to manufacturing core products such as steel pallets and storage racks, Au Viet Rack also provides warehouse operation support equipment such as picking trolley and mobile ladders for efficient operations within the warehouse.

Industrial mobile ladder (Rolling ladder) is a kind of ladder that supports picking up goods on high levels of rack. With flexible moving wheels, it allows safe, fast load and unload of light goods, easily controlling the status of goods on the racks.

Picking trolley is an essential tool in warehouses and factories, used for transporting light to medium loads. It is a suitable choice for all types of warehouses as it does not take up much space when in use.

Forklift safety cage is a support device so that forklifts can safely perform the function of lifting people to elevated positions. This device is considered to be safer than industrial mobile ladder, minimizing risks when operating at height.

The wire mesh fence is constructed from mesh panels and steel frames, serving the purpose of separating different areas, protecting assets, and ensuring security in various locations such as construction sites, residential areas, schools, hospitals, etc.

Ladder carts (ladder picking trolley) is the perfect combination of industrial mobile ladder and trolley. Possessing all the features of both products but being easy to use, the ladder carts help speed up picking process and saves more storage space for the warehouse than using each product individually...

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