Warehouse Racking Maintenance Service

Warehouse racking maintenance is a regular task that must be performed in a business's warehouse. How important are maintenance tasks and what needs to be done? Let's explore with Au Viet Rack in the following article.

Warehouse racking maintenance service at Au Viet Rack
Warehouse racking maintenance service at Au Viet Rack

Why should we regularly check and maintain warehouse racking?

Any product that is used for a period of time can experience deterioration and damage.

For racking systems used in warehouses, the most common factor affecting racking quality is collision with forklifts. These collisions create dents and warping in some details. If not corrected promptly, there is a risk of the racking system structure weakening and falling, causing serious property damage and danger to people. team of workers in the factory.

Inspection helps identify problems with the racking system, evaluate the current safety level to conduct maintenance to prolong racking life and ensure safety when using the racking.

Racking collapse incident in the warehouse
Incident of racking collapse in warehouse (Source: Collected)

Categories that need inspection and maintenance

Categories that must be performed when maintaining warehouse racking include:

  •  Condition of details: beams, uprights , support bars,... with common signs of damage being dented, cracked, warped.

  •  Check the bolt connection and floor anchor bolt to see if it is firmly fixed or not.

  •  Tilt of the upright frame: if the tilt level exceeds the allowable capacity, it is necessary to quickly realign it.

Warehouse racking maintenance service at Au Viet Rack

Maintenance can be performed by the original shelf supplier or by choosing a third party to provide racking system maintenance services depending on the business's requirements.

Racking maintenance service
Racking maintenance service

Warehouse racking maintenance process

The racking maintenance process at Au Viet Rack always complies with strict safety and quality inspection standards:

  •  Step 1: Photometrically measure the racking displacement.

  •  Step 2: Check racking details in a personal point of view.

  •  Step 3: Photometric measurement of the warehouse floor (perform annual monitoring).

  •  Step 4: Check the bolts and floor anchor bolt.

  •  Step 5: Calculate and balance the data, prepare a report to evaluate the situation of the racking system.

Au Viet Rack conducts inspection of the racking system
Au Viet Rack conducts inspection of the racking system

Advantages of using warehouse racking maintenance service at Au Viet Rack

  •  Inspection data before maintenance is made transparent to customers, so you can determine the condition of the racking.

  •  The team of survey, installation and maintenance technicians at Au Viet Rack have solid expertise and are fully equipped with modern equipment during the implementation process.

Check the warehouse racking system
Check the warehouse racking system - Au Viet Rack

  •  Ensure safety and hygiene at your warehouse after maintenance, returning the warehouse to its original neat condition.

  •  Support consulting and customer care before, during and after racking maintenance.

Quote for warehouse racking system maintenance services

Au Viet Rack provides periodic racking system maintenance service packages every 6 months, once a year depending on the investor's needs. Below is a price list for maintenance services for some common types of racking in the warehouse:

Price list for racking system maintenance at Au Viet Rack
Price list for racking system maintenance at Au Viet Rack

In case the level of change in details or deterioration exceeds the allowable standards, we will propose to align the racking, repair and replace damaged parts. Below is the price list for racking alignment:

Price list for adjusting the racking system at Au Viet Rack
Price list for adjusting the racking system at Au Viet Rack

(*) Above are the costs of inspection and maintenance. Does not include the price of damaged parts. Any costs incurred during maintenance will be notified to the investor.

Maintaining the warehouse racking system is a job that needs to be done periodically to ensure safety and prolong the racking lifespan. If you need advice about the service, please contact us immediately for quick support.

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