Steel Pallets

Steel pallets are essential equipment in warehouses as they securely hold and transport goods using forklifts, allowing for convenient and efficient loading and unloading. By arranging goods directly on each pallet, pallets minimize the risk of breakage.

The flat steel pallet used to fix the goods when the goods are lifted by a forklift or winch. The flat steel pallet helps to move and arrange goods into the warehouse quickly and effectively.

A stackable steel pallet serves as a storage shelf layer and is widely used in many warehouses to arrange and store goods by stacking pallets on top of each other, maximizing the height of the storage space.

Nestable steel pallets are another form of stackable pallet with the difference that the standing pillars are welded with the base frame. This steel pallet is an optimal solution of storage space with advantage of height, containing heavy goods, easy to stack, relocate, and store when not in use.


Foldable steel pallets function as a tiered storage system used to store goods in a warehouse. However, compared to fixed storage racks in one position, foldable pallets can be moved more easily. Additionally, when not in use, they can be folded to save a significant amount of space.

Inverted stacking steel pallet is another form of stackable pallets, quite similar in appearance to stackable steel pallet but have a different stacking method. Inverted stacking steel pallets are considered an optimal solution for storage's height, can hold heavy goods, and are easy to stack, move, and store when not in use.

A stackable wire mesh pallet is a type of rectangular box-shaped pallet with mesh panels on all sides featuring various hole sizes. These pallets are used for storing and securing goods in warehouses and can be easily handled either manually or with forklifts or pallet jacks.

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