Heavy duty racking

Heavy-duty racking systems include various types such as Selective racking, Drive-in racking, Double deep racking, etc. These systems are designed to store heavy-weight items with a load capacity of up to 2000 kg per pallet. With their ability to withstand large loads, heavy-duty racking systems are constructed to be extremely robust and are designed to maximize storage capacity in warehouses.

Selective racking is the most widely used heavy-duty storage rack system in warehouses today. For large warehouses with a high frequency of inbound and outbound operations, Selective pallet racking is the optimal choice for the storage needs of businesses.

Double Deep racks are storage racks with heavy duty for warehouses from small to large. This is a similar type of rack with Selective racking but there is a change in the layout. Therefore, Double Deep racking provides larger capacity without spending more space for forklift aisle.

VNA racking (Very Narrow Aisle Racking) operates like a Selective racking but with very narrow aisles due to the use of specialized forklifts instead of conventional forklifts like Selective racking. VNA racking helps to make the most of the floor space and warehouse height to increase capacity but still ensure 100% direct access to pallet positions in the warehouse.

Drive-in racking is formed by a series of pallet racks, creating a large storage system specifically designed for warehouses with a large quantity of homogeneous goods. Parallel aisles are created within the rack structure, allowing forklifts to move deep into each rack row to directly retrieve items.

Radio Shuttle racking are a semi-automatic storage solution to move the goods inside the rack, similar to the Drive-in racking. However, Radio Shuttle racking eliminate the need for forklifts to drive into the racking system, allowing the racking system to be expanded in depth, helping to increase safety, fast, cost and time savings.

The pallet flow racking system operates on an automatic sliding mechanism from high to low without much effort to move goods out of the rack.

Mold racks are specialized racks designed to store various types of molds, engines, or heavy tools in warehouses of businesses. Investing in a mold rack system for a warehouse ensures safer storage of molds and optimizes the space utilization in the warehouse.

Cantilever Rack is a type of heavy duty warehouse rack, goods are stowed on the arms of the rack. This type of rack has a design that does not obstruct the aisle, so it is very suitable for storing long, bulky materials.

Heavy duty racking
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